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Well, thank you Herrell. Appreciate that. Thanks for calling thinking my call couple of things only on the. Fine for route. Or they're not considering whenever transfer. He comes in losing scholarship for two years of ro. I'm not sure what you're asking me Hera. What what's the question again, the NCWA? I think it's considering if you take transfer. Yes. Yes. I know what you're saying that. Yeah. What what what they're considering doing is. If you take a taking a graduate transfer, and that graduate transfer does not get his graduate degree in one year. They're going to count another year. I guess your scholarship Tuttle it ain't gonna pass. Okay. They consider it. But but it's not as not going to pass the smaller the smaller schools who lose invariably lose players to to the power five teams one of this to get past Dennis Dodd this good reporting on this yesterday. But that they are considering that rule Herrell, but based on the reporting we've heard it's not gonna pass. Okay. Well, politics involved anyway. And another thing JIMBO wanted to get out of Florida state because he saw Alabama east coming over there, Flint. Well, it it could have been there's there's no question that that that was wings done an incredible job. And, but you know, but do you really want to jump out of the frying pan? We Clemson to jump into the fire with Alabama and LSU and folks, so so that's that's a nice theory. But I think that's seventy five million dollars hair would probably had a lot more to do with that decision. Don't you? I would imagine it would I was facing that I. Anyway, I agree with you. Then couple years if coach does not get there. What's going to happen? We'd see that coming. Well, you can talk to Texas and people, and they are a little nervous parallel herald to call it. Thanks for taking mccown. Let's take one more call before our break. And let's go to. Adam in Gainesville, Adam it's Tony Barnhart. I've got just a couple of minutes. Don't a real quick item. Brother. I'm doing good. I'm a living Gainesville Florida, but I'm a bulldog, but I've kind of copying off what Martin was talking about a while ago. Georgia has been recruiting their tails off the last three years I've knitting stars on campus of maybe one or two transferred. Yes and fields being one of them. But in my opinion, man, that's what separates Georgia and Florida. Dan got experienced, but man, Kirby smarter every doing everything but win the national championship, you know, just one play away. And I think in three years with the big games that he's coast and he's only getting better. And when you got stars competing with five stars, you're bringing the talent out in those guys on campus. And in my opinion, until Florida starts recruiting Kirby smarts going to have that train rolling. I'm scared of Florida every. A year. If I was a state Georgia going to lose a game that year, I think Florida, but for lucky for us. It's been the last two years Hobart and LSU. Well, here's here's the thing. Adam look, Florida sign a think a top ten class and to me to me if you're in the top seven eight nine, you know depends on how you coach them up. So I I didn't know if they can put together three top ten classes in a row over the next few years. I think they're going to be there. I just think it's it's about coaching players up. I think Georgia's doing a great job, but this year's going to be I think Georgia to get it done this year. It's next year that I really wonder about the gap between Georgia and Florida after the Florida can put together another top five top six up seven recruiting class. I agree. I think that's what separates the coaches between smart and Molin is the experience, but smarts learning quick. And he's doing a good talent. Well, it's like anything else. You got to knock on the door certain number of times their history is full of coaches who got there and got there and got there and finally they break through and look and could Georgia have won the last two games of Alabama..

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