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Coding technology that makes these very, very easy to swallow it at its core. J. The idea behind Mag Blue is, let's do something with magnesium that's never been done before. I mean, if you want to run out and get cheap magnesite Him. The magnesium carbonate sin, the soul fates, their 4% efficient So you wind up taking massive amounts four or five big giant whopper pills to get a few 100 mg of magnesium. That's like the old technology, the magnesium based kleiss innate buffered Keeley, which is the latest technology is four times more efficient. So you have much smaller tablets. We like that idea because our customers when we do these surveys, they're like, Don't give me those big tablets. I want the smaller ones. We added this slippery tech coding, which is a slippery technology to these beautiful blue tablets so that they go down faster and smoother than any tablet in the industry. But at its core, What makes mag blue unique is Sure it has the 350 MG of this elite, magnesium and insurance in these beautiful blue small tablets. But we added vitamin D 2000 units, we added a little bit of zinc and boron and these blueberries from Alaska. I love I love these. Tell everyone about these blueberries. Talk about the grizzly bear person. Well, what we did. We did a bit of research. We know that the number one reason our customers like magnesium is for its brain benefits We talked about Mood. We talked about the brain benefits. It's so important for those neurotransmitters and just tow kind of have that good feeling Those good days when you feel excited and ready to go, magnesium is playing a role. People like blueberries because blueberries air so good for cognitive function and for brain health, and we decided with Mag Blue. We wanted to get like the equivalent of a handful of these Alaskan wild harvested blueberries. They go by the name of Aurora blue, and we put these antioxidants into the mag blue pill. That's why it's that beautiful blue color. So you've got this compliment reaction of the benefits of magnesium from a to Z, You know, we talked about the arteries. We talked about the 80 P. We went into the muscle spring the brain function. The cardio health the mood. I go right up to qy N Z with quality of life feeling younger and having that zest for life, and we amplified those benefits with the vitamin D. With the boar on with the sink, and that Alaskan blue blueberry and it's all in mag Blue. Jan. Let me do this real quick. Let me tell people how to get started with their $10 start a bottle. It's actually 9 95 and put this to the test. If you are one of the 1st 1000 callers We are going to send you your very own 30 Day starter bottle of mag Blue for less than $10. It's just 9 95. We're also going to give you free shipping free shipping less than 10 bucks..

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