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Tickets early and save a capital remodeling garden dot com. Thank the lord for the new WTO team 19 lane. Alrighty morning, one 28 on WTO. Gravity good weather all the Yates and what it breaks. He and Crawford's with this this morning and the WTO traffic center. We start in Maryland on the capitol bellway interloop work lingers near route one college park evidently over on the left side, BW Parkway southbound, the work before green bell road route one 93 single right getting past the work, and then on the Parkway southbound, no ramp to the inner loop that is blocked by work, northbound is no effect, no delay, 50 across the bay bridge, still during the two way samba on these bounce band will be all night long because of the overnight work capital bellway in Virginia. On the outer loop from the George Washington memorial Parkway heading to Georgetown pike, it is going to be a two to the right to get past the works on then after route 7, exit 47 you're down to a single right lane at least to get by the work heading for I 66 inner loop work after route one 93 Georgetown pike two to the left getting by. 95 northbound still fighting the battle out of film, but though it's much easier fight right lane getting by single file without a great deal of delay, then your Dale City exit one 56 north batters again down to one right lane three 95 northbound, the ramp to go west on edsel road, that is blocked, or at least it was at last report by crash activity. Ian Crawford WTO traffic Tracking the next couple of days for you, your Friday going to be much cooler, if not colder than it was out there on our Thursday, but we had 81°, 80 for the fourth time ever in our history in the D.C.

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