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63 died, keep it here on WTO for full details in the minutes ahead. It is one 18. And we have traffic and weather on the 8th rob stallworth in the traffic center. Let's update you northbound on I 95 in Virginia headed toward the Springfield interchange the crash near the beltway and I three 95 moved to the gore area along the left side. Your delays remain, but of course traveling or once again opens up an I 95 anywhere between the Springfield interchange and triangle. That's where you're on the brakes in the southbound direction without crashes or broken down vehicles have been moved to the shoulder on I 95 southbound, but the delays remain between the Springfield interchange and Quantico which are traveling to open there. Northbound I 95 solid on the brakes as you make your way past route one in Pennsylvania toward garrisonville where you're on the brakes in separate stretches there after that on I three 95 you're in good shape northbound going up to and across the 14th street bridge, no problems on the beltway and a looper outer loop in Virginia between Alexandria and mcclain. We did have a problem on edsel road eastbound near I three 95. That was a report of a crash, otherwise if you're traveling in Maryland looking pretty good on the beltway through Montgomery and prince George's county, no problems going to 70 I 95 is in great shape. Traveling sat down on the Baltimore Washington Parkway pass one 75, the crash headed toward 32 wrapped up and gone with all your travel lanes open. New problems won Truman Parkway in Largo driver the report of some vehicles being broken down as a result of some flat tire so watch out for that in upper Marlboro on Truman Parkway at Largo drive. No problems when route 50 between the capitol beltway and the eastern shore looking good across the bay bridge with three lanes west and two lanes open in the eastbound direction. If you're traveling in the district, southbound D.C. two 95 goodbye now as you leave eastern avenue headed toward Pennsylvania avenue, north on I two 95 on the bricks as your approach to suit and Parkway but nothing reported in your way. The D.C. department of buildings serves the district's residents, businesses and visitors and advances the development of D.C.'s built environment by prioritizing people, innovation and safety. Learn more at DOB dot D.C. dot gov. Rob stallworth WTO traffic. Right now, 64° and manassas 63 at D.C.'s metro center in 61° in Frederick Maryland, weather brought to you by Len the plumber trusted. Same day service 7 days a week, and coming up on WTO P, what's open and what's closed on this federal holiday. It's one 20 again. Every small business owner knows business can happen anytime anywhere. The office. The warehouse. Or on the road, and no matter where it takes you, there's one solution to help your business thrive. Comcast business complete connectivity. It's the largest fastest reliable network with advanced gig speed

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