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She loves the MTV MTA and I think about you often when I have frustration with TA to go, no, no Joanna, tell me something something I get it so that you are. I think you advocate. I think what you came on in the first mini to us what you should be a spokesperson for them because all you hit the rest of the shit is, oh, what I hate. This is what I hate the brand new subway conductor. The brand new the Hello, everybody this stops. It's like, I know you started last week. 'cause excited. I want the data. That's the person that don't give a fucking get you there on time because they've been working for ninety also screams please stop blocking the door. No one is blocked the door. No one is door. They just wanted yell it out. Oh, let me the people who blocked the door now to. It's like mother fucker. We bitch about these things not running the reason. My throat's no good. Everybody. I'm just gonna text. Everybody. It sounds sounds delicious. A young, Tom, wait, whatever it is. You sound like you sound like that nigga. I think you get along with Tom waits, but that's another story is he single? He's happily married. He wrote jersey girl about his wife, but that's was like forty years ago. Yeah, cheats a little. What everybody needs a new flavor after forty years. If you're not cheating, you're not trying. Am I right? Everybody boy. Yeah, I can't hear for the James quickly. I want you to sit in that. I want you to sit in what you just said, sit in humor profession. Don't manse blame me. Oh. Let me tell you something I got into a fight to try. I'm gonna take this time to tell you right now, and we gotta get onto some other, but I have to tell you baby. So I've been wait. I waited the whole trip to come back and swipe my card, and it got. I post to post it on Facebook. What happened? Very furious. People like, hey, man, don't mail on your card. Swipe it. Get back. It has worked every time cents. So it's one of those things where I feel like the guy, I don't know why he would want. So it felt like the MTA. I'm glad you told me what their policy black away. Leon is objected. He just did not like you. Did you tell him, you know, if you wait for sure, a troubling. Very nice guy. I'm to be an everyone I try to be. I understand. Sometimes it resin. Let's this is all about a podcast about honesty. Yes, sometimes it comes back. Oh, y'all to from us because we had that crazy time where it's like we so inconvenience. You know what it is, right? Women really messed shit up with metro grades when When we we was was sort sort of of calm. calm. It was like, no, no, I see. I see black people. So fed up at the presence of anything that they see white, where it's like a collective sigh like, okay, like how are we going to deal this motherfucker like what is the problem? So I really think that he was giving you the jazz Ratib that's coming from me. I'm being I'm gonna be honest with you. You slid it how many times and it didn't work like four, five, five times you go to. You stayed at that one turnstile. Okay. So that's usually the issue is trying to terrorist was dirty is unable to read your card. The fact that they worked later it is. Well, it's technically technology. So the strip itself, the fact that it worked later indicates that it was a turnstile and south. The courtesy was to let you go to..

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