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Of course, the education secretary now is Betsy DeVos who checked who's. Twitter? Yes, she has. She has armed security around. She may step into a public school later with with Eric prince, her brothers, mercenary army party. And when you have someone like that reminds me of when Ronald Reagan mistook his secretary of education for the elevator operator because just to give you a sense of how important education was to Reagan administration. But when when you have someone like Betsy DeVos who often said she had never been in a public school, technically, she was once in a public school which somehow her PR people decided to dig that up and start throwing people probably was better to leave it. Actually, it was never at a public school, but someone like that who is kind of clueless, billionaire with Cruella DeVille streak tour. That's easy to resist you. Oh, it's just simply Trump's, but Rama manual here, Jeremy. I just have to say his name, you don't even need to be a question. Rahm Emanuel Chicago schools, eve gonna win. You know, there's a lot of competition, I think, is a strong contender for lease qualified member of the Trump cabinet. I think that there's a strong all the Simone. Out here out here on Front Street. I'm making claims. I think that there's evidence to suggest that that's a feasible argument. I think that like so many other things that we've talked about, right? Our theme here in this is kind of emerging as Trump makes visible a through line that precedes him in his deeper than him and goes beyond him, which is what facilitates his ascent to power, right? And and what he actually makes easy as he almost makes it easy for some people to have plausible deniability to be able to say, look over there at that really bad guy, interna tension from a lot of the things that they've been doing for a long time. So Betsy DeVos is terrible. Yes, she is uniquely terrible perhaps, but actually many of her policies, the things she advocates are the culmination of a lot of policy that was very popular across the aisle for a long time including during the Obama administration and far before that right. And. You know her, her policies in her way of thinking about the schools are the the logical kind of zenith of idea that that goes much deeper, which is the idea of of a hate to say the word, but neoliberalism right is the neo-liberal idea that that our role is to choose schools in a marketplace that that it's not that we have rights education, but that we are to fight for education like customers and consumers that schools are to compete against each other that we are to incentivize competition and if you lose so what right, and so on and so forth. And then I'd is very popular among Democrats and Republicans, and it's popular because it ties into a myth of American American Takasaki and hyper individualism that is pervasive across our culture. Right? And so and what that myth permits permits to remember that education is to quote the bible, it's about the least of these, right? It's about every kid. It's not just about kids. Parents wanna fill out a lottery to maybe get into a good school or parents whose kids whose parents did the research or kisses. Parents had the money to move into a certain school district. It's supposed to be about every kid right kid whose parents are struggling with addiction kids who are wards of the state. Kids who are poor are also supposed to have a great education, and that's not supposed to be like shopping for cereal in the serial where you look at the box and see. You know..

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