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Too early to appeal there is no order written up yet. At the Illinois capital, Dave Dahl, one O 5 9 W BBM. Hey, it's 5 O 8, traffic and weather together on the 8s. Good morning, Neil fiorito. But a very light volume on most, starting with the Eden where you're just a 15 minute ride to and from Lake cook road, same story on the Kennedy as you make your way out to the airport and back. The Eisenhower I two 90 looking good in both directions on I 55, the Stevenson you're good to go either way between three 55 and do savo lakes for a drive. This is about 25 minutes, 55 to will county looking good on both sides. The south side expressways are moving well, the Dan Ryan 57 and the bishop board, nothing major to talk about on dusa Lake shore drive. I guess we could mention roadwork to continue south on 57th to Hayes the right lane is blocked and that's long-term work on the tollways the tri state northbound. You lose the ramp to the outbound Stevenson that is shut down the plan is until the end of this year. No major backups on the tri state though. I 90, the Jane Addams tollway looks good. So does the Reagan. The veterans memorial toy route three 90 route 53 all in the clear, watch for a lane shift along I 80 through Joliet if you're eastbound between Chicago and Briggs, no big delays right now. You also lose the exit to Richards, but you are able to exit a Chicago street instead. 80 94 65, the toll road all good in northwest Indiana. No worries on the skyway. Anything you see give us a call, let us know, please. The Dunkin traffic tip line, 8 5 5 7 80 road, have at it. 8 5 5 7 8 7 6 two three for the metro traffic center. You'd reported 5 18. News radio one O 5 9. Back to where the forecast for today, this New Year's Eve eve, cloudy, turning chillier, a couple of showers across

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