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So you're not always gonna feel what the psalm fields or maybe even understand what the psalm says but you're praying on behalf of the church in the world when you pray the office as well as your own prayer so that's the first thing second thing i i would say that led that challenge you to say i need to study and try to understand that psalm better if i if i've having trouble with that particular saumur a passage in assam i need a study and see and look at what the scholars say and what the fathers of the church and others say about that passage because all these have been commented on by the countless men and women who have prayed these prayers over the over the years remember we're praying the same prayer is also that jesus prayed because he prayed the psalms okay a lot more sense one more question it relates to prayer but it's more obvious kind of stupid question maybe other people might benefit from this but i know when he prayed the rosary you're supposed to meditate on the mysteries while you're praying the hail marys over and over for example when you're praying another prayer for like literature the hours any reading the prayers and the funds in psalms how are you supposed to go about praying the hours because when i was reading a general instructions in the first volume i mean really seen anywhere on how you're supposed to put your mindset when praying yeah you're you're you're not getting yourself again these are the purse that jesus prayed as a pious jew so you're you're you know obviously there's new testament readings that wouldn't have been being prayed at the time of jesus because they came after him but the point.

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