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The blockade does this sound like a good idea to you one eight hundred nine five five seventeen seventy six i mean there is so much in the news today and there's so much stuff that you can't get out of your mind even if you want to i know there are some other people probably watched some or all of that karen mcdougal interview and for those of you who might be living on a pig farm in southern ohio and not following the media you may not know who karen mcdougal is she is one of three women who is proceeding with legal action implicating donald trump and she alleges while she alleges stuff in any event watching the thing is you can't you can't really get it out of your consciousness once it's there and i'm not sure what we're supposed to do with it now i do not encourage this kind of blockade because you have to at least listen to the michael medved show and by the way we we tried to invite mr haberman onto the show but as you might guess somebody who doesn't want to hear any news doesn't wanna make any news and doesn't want to be part of this conversation but i i do imagine that there are women he looks you know looks like a fit fairly athletic smart artistic guy living alone going into the same coffee shop every day every morning where he orders the same triple whole milk lante and a cranberry scone sounds sounds pretty exciting i don't know i mean it may be that after this thing appears he's gonna find all sorts of people who come into this at one coffee shop that he goes into every day and start telling him trump news which he particularly doesn't want to hear now the question i would have asked mr haberman is when president trump's presidency is over perhaps after eight years does he prepare what he'd be prepared to return to america or he would assume that america would be too greatly changed for that a we will be reviewing a new religious movie very ambitious one called paul apostle of christ and the new film with bill mary ed norton and bryan cranston and more jeff goldblum to it's called isle of dogs coming up michael you know what you make a lot of sense the michael medved show.

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