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Our lives on one of 2.5. The bone sponsored by Advent health 20 to go in stage Number two. It has been a long day for Brad Kozlowski. Steve Post. It's been a long day, The fair was on the splitter early. It was very, very low. So the rest of the day loose enough now, so he slapped the outside safer barrier damage on the right side and just had to come down for an unscheduled pit stop. As the right rear damage on the car. They needed to make sure that they have the fenders up off from the tire. So you're right. A long day for Brad Kozlowski continues today and garlic and he's the one that led the field a green But boy, it's been backward ever since about 75 laps or so ago, Jeff A moody gave us his official unofficial Darlington stripe count, and it was only at seven. That number. I am a feared has grown. I would imagine it probably has, Dave could economist they come by? No, I cannot jump. Hey, there under green and going a little bit fast. How Bush maybe. Oh, no. Never mind. I thought Kyle Busch had a problem. But that was Brad Kozlowski past him like he was tied to a tree on those new tires. All is well with Kyle Busch. And yes, there are more Darlington strikes. I'll count them for you under caution if you want. I would like that. Brad Kozlowski, by the way, three laps down here at Darlington, a former winner here How I can't even imagine how frustrating it has to be. Then you come to pit road. You get these brand new tires and all of a sudden you're the fastest car on the track. And yet you remind yourself I am not in contention. It's been a miserable day. I wish you would end I want to go home and That we still have 125 laps to soldier on. Yeah, and it's certainly not an excuse and we'll bring Steve posting on this. It's not an excuse for Brad Keselowski, but his crew chief Jeremy Bolin's Is not here today, Steve. They had this car set up before they even brought it to the racetrack. Yeah, that's the thing. The car was set off on. One of the problems he had earlier on was the front of the car was on the splitter,.

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