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One guy, it's been a constant with Patrick Kane has been Dylan Strom for the most part since he came over. It's been very regular. There's lines going to have a little bit different look tonight, but Patrick Kane about a week or so ago, maybe ten days ago talked about how much he enjoys playing with the Blackhawks newcomer really into the game. So it's fun talk. Now about the game. Hostile fun discussing how we can be better. And creating more. So you know, he's been kind of like a pleasant surprise. I knew he was taken as a high draft pick. I really haven't seen much in the NHL when he came here, you know, that he's really wants to do. Well and be a good player. So. Yeah. And part of Patrick Kane's. Great success lately has to do with the power play. Yes. But having that consistent center, even though Artem Anisimov no longer on that line. At least it appears as though Drake Drake agilis gonna get an opportunity. I think there's been a nice complimentary work between Stroman cane, so far choice. Yeah. I think there's a there's skill level. That Strom has that complements Patrick. A lot of ways. Once you get in the offense zone. They've they've got some really good reads off one another they understand where they need to go get to that open space. So you're you're seeing some good chemistry between those two at Drake cajoles gonna play the left side with that combination. So I saw it's gonna play with tapes and Alex debrincat, so he's going to switch some things up here. As far as the forward lines and try and get some more guys I've in the offensive side of it. But an opportunity for could you let her play let Stroman Patrick can that those two guys kind of have been a constant together. Should be interesting watch. We got to deliver tonight. Kind of go out and a little bit of a different one unless one an ec- mile four to his last three games the Rangers against hat trick. That he had last year against the Rangers. I feel like he's doing. He's gonna be playing on a line tonight with David Campese dominant. Ahonen I'm not sure that the Rangers have great depth behind their top two lines in some way. So I think that tonight is a night that maybe some of the deaths point for the Blackhawks, including an ISA could really step up going up against one of his former teams gray called Troy. Thanks.

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