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Recent conversation on the rich eisen show. Do you see them working with jordan. Every day all day trying to teach teach them as much as he can and So that that's the cool part the era you know. Can you give me an example of that like do you see him off to the side. Giving jordan love tips and things like that so maybe it might be a play in What he saw it was like a if it was like the first read of the second diary maybe what he saw or You know or maybe a little bit on the mechanic side of it or It just goes into so many so many different things or it could be The found at a at the kate is trying to catch them jumping off sides little things so many things and he's just trying to Better the players around him truly so it sounds like not not like an icy relationship. There buck that that it has been a learning environment. There which is healthy there for jordan love and i tip my cap aaron rogers for making that a more comfortable situation that might be. Yeah he an on record talking about how awkward it was for him coming in with brett farve the breath of not necessarily wanting to offer mentorship opportunities for the guy who was there to replace him but damn rises credit. Whenever he's talked about joy he's been very complimentary complimentary. He's praised on he's given is is flowers. I think it's uncomfortable situation when you have been the facing a franchisor. The franchise quarterback in the draft guide. As vincent dare to replace you. It just has to put you in a weird space leader but by all accounts. He's finding a way to manage it. Yeah no doubt. Let's get to the sound here of of matt leflore. This is the The head coach of the green bay packers and this is from otas on may twenty fifth. So here's his conversation or his his thoughts on on where jordan love was in the development process. Now you've had a full year to work with jordan love. What do you think you have there. I just a guy that's eager. Continue to grow and learn. And i love his attitude and in how he attacks it on a daily basis. I think he's he's definitely matured over the course of the year You know you can tell like. I talked about earlier that he's put in the time. This offseason Not only just you know lifting and running and coming in and good football shape but also you can tell that. He's putting in the time in is craft in trying to continue to work at on his mechanics. Fundamentals that are so critical to playing the position at the highest level possible. So he's still got a lot to lot to learn. I think he would tell you that but you know he's gonna take it one day at a time and he goes out there with purpose and You know i just. I like his mindset right now whether that was good stuff there From the floor. Like he's got a tight rope there buck in terms of wanting to instill some confidence in your young quarterback and saying good things about him and the fact that he's got a great attitude he's eager to learn and to grow talked about his maturation. It's like you can't be to venice praise because you don't wanna offend aaron rodgers but you also want to be building up. You're young quarterback. It's kind of a weird spot for matt lafleur to be end. Yeah very weird because you head coach of the entire team but you're trying to manage these delicate relationships three time. Be pnn rogers who definitely wants to continue to be the qb one. The team wants him back So you gotta make sure. There's just enough to make him intrigued by possibility of coming back. And then jordan love you got a young guy who has to get ready to play and as a coach you got to think of all of the worst case scenarios. If aaron doesn't come back we gotta play. Play this guy. How do we get him to rips that. He they need to succeed and thrive and give them the confidence man. A you start my walking a tight rope estimate. Leflore join each time steps to the mic. Yeah you don't wanna get too caught up in what takes place in some of these as and look everybody's positive and it's sunshine and roses across the nfl but it is encouraging when you hear you know jordan was made some big throws and seeing some growth in an improvement there in his place. So that's that's encouraging their for jordan love and for the green bay packers but look. We've talked to everybody. This is a compilation in this episode of pre-draft sound of post draft sound. We've heard from coaches at the college level. The nfl level is general manager. Teammate there aaron jones we haven't heard from his jordan love himself so so let's run a little bit of the sound from him. This is actually after. Ota's june ninth. Here's jordan love talking about his offseason mindset and where he's at what's your mindset just throughout this whole offseason my said this offseason been to get ready and get myself ready. And that's been my mind. Says since i got here and You know or the an was here not here. That's going to be my mindset regardless. Because i have to get myself ready to play And be able to go out there and take charge of the team in Be able to perform at a high level and do my best so everybody else can Do their job as well. Just be able to perform at high level. Like i said so You know my goal is to take day by day. Get better than he'd improve. And what were you thinking. It's the biggest way in which you've grown as a quarterback while know what you're able to get out of last season without preseason games but what's the biggest change in you as a quarterback now versus a year ago Yes so the biggest thing. I've been trying to work on and improve is just taken another step in. You know the offense understanding it understanding what doing my res my progressions Where the ball needs to go breakdown defenses. And just you know the process of a quarterback that will we gotta do so. I just been trying to build on that in a more comfortable in this offense and make plays a so. Obviously last year was such a weird rookie year with the pandemic. And everything like that and obviously this is a very interesting all season for you as well. So how would you sum up your first. Your first two years of your. Nfl experience are going to your second year experience going to my second year. It's definitely been a different year in my first year. I didn't get experienced a lot of things that you know would go on in a normal year so I still like a lot of rookies. Were still unsure of what it's like normal year so getting back to normal year this year. It'll be good to see some some different things but know lash. I was able to you know. Obviously behind aaron behind tim just grow my game and understand the offense and grown a lot of areas that You know you might not have been able to see but just get better off the field. Obviously i wasn't able to get a lot of reps but You know my mental game. In the knowledge. I was able to get last year. I think it's going to help me a lot jordan. Hey i know put putting a ton of offseason workouts being in the ot as many camps in getting first team right now should the opportunity present itself. Are you prepared to be the quarterback week number one hundred percent Obviously this is a time. Where i'm getting a lot of extremely valuable reps that you might not have been getting in a normal circumstance. So i'm just gonna take day by day and But yeah that's i mean that's what i'm here for draft here to play quarterback so.

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