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Mindfulness mode it's something i've never done but it looks like it would be exciting and fun and certainly you know offers all kinds of benefits a mindful tribe. Thanks for joining me. This is bruce. Bruce lankford your host and mindfulness life coach. So great to have you here today today. I'm going to be sharing with you. How to lessen your stress and become more. Calm and centered. I though i'm going to share some note sent me by some of you mindful tribe. Thanks for listening. And thanks for reaching out to me. I always appreciate your notes and letters daniel from thailand. Says i love your podcast. I've been listening for over two years now and i don't miss an episode. Keep up the great work so thanks. Danieli appreciate that desperate from texas wrote. I feel more relaxed every time. I hear your voice. Thanks for keeping the interviews coming. You ask great questions. And i liked the way your interviews flow so thanks to you. Just preet appreciate that. And one more grayson says keep up the inciteful episodes bruce your ideas about mindfulness at an interesting element to my day so again. Thanks to all of you. I've sent mindfulness mode mugs to three. So thank you very much again for connecting and As you know. I've interviewed over six hundred guests on mindfulness mode. And it's not surprising that some patterns are emerging and one of those patterns has to do with anxiety and stress. And what you can do to decrease that.

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