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Inlet. They found the body of a young white male in this clearing in the Woods. And the case was a John Doe. They couldn't solve it. It was this cold case for years and years and years. And we explained on the last plus show from Jim's research that eventually a new investigator back at Kansas City found the file. Like a dusty old cabinet, sitting in the back with all these other missing person cases. And he managed to pair the John Doe from South Carolina to Frank mcgonagall who had gone missing nearly ten years ago. So they discovered the identity of this body. but what happened to him? Who was the killer? So in the last plus show, I started reading this story and going into it. And I'm not knowing whether it was really MU suitable. Is this just a true crime story I'm doing now, but no, there were all these MU twists to the story. Number one was that Jim cosgrove, the author of the book, and who did all this research. He ran into this psychic just this fortuitous mating with the psychic who had just helped the FBI find the bodies of two children who had been drowned by their mother. And she explains this to him, and she says, well, what are you doing in town? And he says, well, I'm investigating this murder. Of a family friend. And she was quite convinced that he'd been led to meet her. Yeah, like the whole mating was so fortuitous. They both thought this is meant to be. So she uses her, she doesn't like being called a psychic she likes being called an energy reader. She starts to unravel this mystery of the case. And what we discovered on the last plus show, this bizarre instance where Jim had been looking at this for a long time. He kept on hitting dead end after dead end. And one morning he wakes up and he decides to follow his mother's advice on how to crack the case. And his mother's advice was just ask, Frank, the dead kid. For help. And his mother was kind of spiritual and kooky and he thought,.

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