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President. For me. Well, if you know Utah it he's got six years, if if he doesn't run for president, I guess, but. Six years to deal with this. You really think he's running ready? Yeah. He's going to challenge him in the primaries. I probably will. Right. I mean, other than Jeff flake medication, maybe flake cases. Losers from loser town, so so anyway, right. Romney drops. Alanon is on the first day of of you know, the business day really of twenty nineteen. And then you're right. I think he's just trying to take over the mantle of I'm the big critic of Trump in the Republican party here. Yeah. Very brave, man. Very brave. Nobody else criticizing the president. But he comes from a land of losers Utah lost to northwestern. Wait a minute. Pilot the entire state of Utah because it is right. Segue into something a little interesting New Year's day bowl game. Did you watch any of them? Of course. I did you did that's like asking the FOX in the henhouse ritual must watch New Year's day bowl games. And you and I probably remember when all the big bowl games near stay. Now. They've split them up with the college football championship big surprise yesterday. What was your big prize in the bowl games? Well, that's a good question. Really? I guess Georgia losing last night. But I don't know if Georgia was motivated to play Texas. But I thought they would would win that game Texas beat them twenty eight twenty one pretty hands into it was closer than that. Finally, just sort of him up to start with seventeen. Oh, and that was it. And we're back Georgia's quarterback Jake from just a bad day. That's really one of the surprises and LSU UCLA. Thank thank you so much LSU. We appreciate and Penn State Penn State in show again twenty seven twenty four Kentucky beat him. Congratulations big blue nation. That's right. That was a big one. We'll be right back. We're just getting started here this morning. Tennessee star reported the early edition on talk radio ninety eight point three and fifteen ten wwl AC. I've always managed my money carefully. But it was.

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