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Stock. It's rachel nevada from september nineteenth nineteenth to twenty seconds so it's four days festival were true. Believers can party in the desert for four days. Camping live music art installations and other surprise performance is gonna going to be headlong by. Tom belong to angels and airwaves of course he's gonna be rich bad for. I'm so mad yes. I didn't come up with well there. We go in order because this is the next frontier. This is where we stake our festival. We have a festival in an orgy with the god damn penguins ice bar yeah <hes> aw damn fucking give everyone a parka <hes> basic triple x. and that one bond movie. There's resort <music> out there and there's the entire thing melts bar in vegas that yup. We only have bands play. They have songs pertained to like the coal burner. Headlines lined is tired time industrial drills then everyone's body heat. Just fucking brings up whatever's underneath that ice. It's miles deep. It is fucking miles deep. Did i mean this is gonna be fat every falls out or we get up there fucking around and we break that agreement that the twelve countries have what agreement was that the arctic agreement. You can't fuck around sixteen areas the antarctic treaty. Somebody's gonna break that treaty up there. It's going to be somebody like jim or somebody fucking stupid and then it might be us to be honest. We just say fuck it. Go down in history. This one actually very interested in we have to the people to explore. I'll because i just saw dylan. It was a big part of it yeah they did. Everyone does anytime anytime. You want to put something that doesn't want you. Don't want to get out you throw it in that dinosaurs up there down probably frozen in there for sure we need. We need it. We're gonna sub were add onto list of ship and the giant drill. We're gonna good sub. It's a southern bill i so i was in my backyard and i had this idea for this reality show and let's see if this is something you guys would do the call back forty and i have to live in your backyard for forty days straight got. It takes place in the fall so the weather's all right kinda cool at night tolerable during the day but you live in a tent. You have a car to sleep on inside the tent. Did you get forty days worth of rations and firewood for a fire pit.

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