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Is from nine a._m. To twelve p._m. Eastern on sirius x._m. Fire nation channel fifty six or on demand sirius x._m. App so in your backyard straight up steve ulsan that was tremendous by the way i have watched. I watched a couple of clips from the show but happened. Just leave it on last night because i wanted to see what that interaction would be. It was great at austin is. I don't know what's happened. I don't know if he's got people talking to them. Put his instagram him and his twitter and bring the podcast back. I don't want to say is reinvented himself but i kinda like like fun stone cold holt. He's not i mean. They're still an edge to him but he's having a good time. I guess that's the best way i would put it. Steve is a really funny and engaging guy why he has been hiding behind and not purposely. He's been stone cold for so long on camera but the stone cold behind the scenes is an extremely fun guy. He's he's just a good dude to be around and i'm very friendly with steve steve on the side not like we hang out and drink beer and buddies but we talk to each other a lot and one of the things that i said is i really liked. The broken skull l. ranch. I thought it was a cool show oh yeah but that was steve being typical steve austin. You know you're gonna come in here. You're gonna do thirty. I push ups. You're gonna climb the rope and you're going to jump over the water or i'm gonna whip your ass and that's it so you down the road you lost by. That's the steve. I would see on monday night right raw. What i'm seeing now on straight up with steve austin is the steve that you would see backstage or the steve that you'd go hang out at waffle waffle house with or the steve that you would drive to the next town with this is the steve if you're on tour overseas and on the bus with just talking talking about rock and roll hanging out with his buddies and just having fun and when you get to see this side of steve ought to me. It's it's so entertaining. <hes> the episode last night with becky lynn was so much fun and you know before the show came on matt we were talking about. It and i use the word that i don't use a lot. I thought it was kind of cute because you saw how becky was mesmerized by by being in steve's presence you also saw a tremendous amount of respect from steve towards becky totally because because becky told steve what her goal was and that she achieved wrestlemainia and when you have a guy like steve austin who had a a very similar career path as becky has he respects that kind of drive life that motivation that desire to make it to the top at wrestlemainia so when you hear becky lynch saying that she came up with the man and she put the man on a t. shirt steve popped huge for that because he knows he's the one that said put the smoking smoking skull on the back of the t shirt and she plays in you know stone cold in its forehead and it worked so they you were able to relate to one another. They had fun together. It was a great episode. I love this new show and i love the side of steve that we're getting to say you know what i liked about that was and i think this is why steve likes her so much so often he has talked about in the last probably couple blay years on his podcast just going out and doing it and having to kinda staked claim to your character and you've got you. Oh not the scripted words and yes. That's part of what it is now but you gotta go out there and make it yourself and i think that's why he likes her so much because that's what what she did right. She was not in a place she wanted to be at. She was kind of like in this weird wrestling purgatory where people clearly like they're put the company wasn't wasn't putting her in that position so she put herself in that position and go ahead go ahead. She put herself in position to get blasted in the face by night jack's but put before that though before that though before that happened what happened with her people wanted to see her our win that match at summer slim and she lost she the people wanted to see here win money in the bank and she lost. The company didn't put her in that spot spot. She talked her way. She worked her way into that spot. She had an organic following that she was able to create they couldn't they couldn't deny that right at some point. You can't deny that i one hundred percent agree with. You and i wanna get to the jackson because they brought that up but with what she has done steve is kind of said you know what sometimes you gotta go out and do on her own. So how do you do that on your own in the last couple of years you get on your instagram. You get on your twitter and there's a way to get outside the lines. There's a way to say okay. You can't script me on here. You can't give me something to read on here. I'm going to do it in a way. That's not disrespectful of the company. I'm just going to show my personality as steve said. I'm going to turn it up. You know stole. Cold is turned up to eleven becky was going <hes>. This is my personality. I'll turn it up here and then she got to turn it up on tv and that's what we get now. She said when steve nash last night you know where does becky lynn start and rebecca quinn and and she's like. I don't know if there's really any difference anymore and i don't know how you take that but that's how confident she isn't herself and that came from her being a little bit louder asserting herself a bit more on social media and gaining that following so that when she didn't win money in the bank then she turned on charlotte at summer slam and people were mad that charlotte had come out again on top. The crowd was behind her even if she wasn't supposed to be cheered. They felt it just like i think last night people were happy that bailey did what she did because they had been with her for so long and they had been on her side and they felt her frustration. I think that happened with becky in the last year and we see where we're at with her. I think that's the same kind of reaction. That bailey got last night from the people that cheer her now. Is that going to get back. Belly continually chaired hopefully not not because of obviously she's going against. Becky and becky's got to that point where there is a trust. Isn't there a trust level bully that if if you're gonna have belly turn on someone it's someone like becky to get the desired reaction. Absolutely there's no doubt that that turn on becky. It was put in place to get a desired reaction. It's going to be the follow up that determines whether or not the desired reaction is gonna stick. I just want to get back to one point about becky and steve what do becky and steve have in common and why what is the one thing that they both can relate late to how do they look at each other and have that mutual respect for one another because they did with one thing that all wrestlers need to do only two words what is it. You're smart go ahead. No you gotta tell me they got over. They got over whenever young wrestlers asked me. Hey bully what should i do. Get over well how i don't know just go out there and get over and at the end of the day. That's what it's all about. Steve austin had a very organic moment and from that moment on he got over becky had the organic moment of getting her nose shattered and that helped to get her over using her instagram got her over matt. I once saw this thing on social media and i wish somebody could find it for me and please tweet it to me. Somebody came out with this list of the top fifteen things. A wrestler needs to do to succeed in wrestling. I think it's really regal but go ahead well. The first one was like show up on time. The second one was like you know dress appropriately number three was work really hard number fifteen. We said get over my response to that wasn't regal. Never mind okay number. Fifteen was get over and you know what my response to that is. It's do number fifteen. I and everything else will work itself out because once you're over your an unstoppable force in the wrestling business. They don't give a shit what the time you show up. They don't care what you do wrong because you're getting over. You're making the company money end of story. That's why certain guys can get away with certain things. Brock walks on water. Why quickest brock's over so if you want anything in this business get over end of story ori. Get over or get out and work hard to do it because you can do it and if it's doing what becky did i i'll give you the perfect example and i know you know this because you worked with them. Spud now drake maverick who has done such a damn good job at working his ass off and learning along the way. I'll give you a name i don't. I don't know if people know has influenced him. Jeremy borsch who now we're obviously for w._b._z. Story for you gotta go watch drake maverick and think back to when he got the g._m. Job at two zero five live look at his instagram. That's him that's him connecting the cable to his hotel tv to put the two five logo so behind him so he can do a little instagram promo about the show. The night was to five live in such a bright light no but you know what he said. This is my enroll in the company. I'm going to get the absolute most out of this. I'm going to make sure there are more eyeballs on it because i'm on that show and i'm gonna promote it on my own. I'm going to edit my own videos. I'm going to go out there and make flyers for the twenty four seven championship. I am going to put myself out there. In every way i possibly can so the company cannot deny me and look where he is now that guy if there is an example of someone who's been able to <music> overcome shortcomings and i don't mean that as a pun but honestly he's a small guy and it's not easy for him to get to where he's been but that guy's a student of the game he loves wrestling is worked as bought off to get every ounce of his talent into every part of what he does so you do watch him and you do see him and now there is a maverick twenty four seven t shirt and now he is in a storyline that he probably worked his way into because of how hard he worked that is someone that everyone should be following taking examples and saying holy crap. I don't think i'm over for an. I'm not working hard enough. We'll guess what that guy's working hard zack ryder that years ago. You see drake doing it now. Malcolm mm billions the former stokely hathaway look at his twitter dopey tweet now and inspirational quotes jim southeast because nobody cares about that if you don't think you have the spot and you don't think you're getting your chances create your own chances because someone couple of the names i mentioned are certainly working their way up the ladder by creating having their own chances and you know what if the biggest inspiration is becky lynch and being on stone cold show last night. That's what it has to be but if you wanna get it over as you said you can work hard to do it and i'll tell you right now. Bully unlike win you came up or even stone cold came.

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