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Expected to rule today on a challenge to Rochman county's emergency ban on miners who have not been vaccinated against measles. The measles. Outbreak has also hit some areas here in New York City. Here's WCBS reporter, rich lamb, mayor de Blasio describes the New York City measles outbreak as he put it as a very real problem, specifically focused on a few communities, particularly the orthodox Jewish community. The mayor says religious schools have to ensure no unvaccinated kids come into the school. Or obviously any who had measles at the time. If that is not done some very serious sanctions that can be put into place, including financial penalties. And if it really we see anything that suggests a pattern of not addressing the issue, if we have to we can temporarily close schools that are not that are not acknowledging the danger that this poses and on his WNYC. See broadcast the mayor hedged on whether unvaccinated children should be barred from all public spaces. But declared all options are on the table. If present strategies don't prove quickly, effective rich lamb WCBS NewsRadio eight eighty app based drivers in Jersey City will soon have to make themselves. More identifiable Jersey City the first municipality in New Jersey to propose a requirement that all ride hailing services show, clear eliminated, sign on windshields and dashboards. This of course, happens in response to the death of a New Jersey woman in South Carolina. Samantha Josephson got into a car that looks similar to the Uber. She had ordered the twenty four year old driver Nathaniel Roland used a sharp object to murder Josephson and police say he then dumped her body under mayor Steven Phillips proposed ordinance signing must be visible during daylight from fifty feet away and completely visible in darkness. WCBS news time for. Zero.

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