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Dan already very interesting plan to underway from students have gone to medical school where they end up may come as it benefits surprise with that story our own an mass do reporter at bloomberg news cohost of the bloomberg baystate business our from our bloomberg when a six one studio in boston and i am so a curious about this story could have here is and may tell us what's going on thanks so much carolyn curry well he as you know i do a lot of reporting on biotech companies in boston and i've been noticed thing in the last couple of years a lot of ceos especially young ceos who've gone straight from medical school into business they're starting healthcare companies they're running hedge funds their consult tang analyst cited to look into whether there is some data on this because i personally was surprised to be meeting more and more of these people because i assume that when i know somebody goes to medical school that person becomes a practising doctor and you know ever sense for you dr exactly and i didn't realize that is really becoming more and more common for people to say to hack with the hospital clinical life i wanna start a business or want to go into business it's it's interesting to in the world biotech here i mean that's you know as i have friends who are ceos about two companies and their many of them doctors themselves in the discus a better understanding of how the drugs themselves are gonna work yeah exactly and it's not that it's a bad thing and eating well just it depends on who you ask me because most people are going to healthcare they're finding ways to improve our healthcare system in some way and and then a lot of them are saying like practicing medicine isn't a great deal for doctors anymore it doesn't necessarily make you wealthy it promised a lot of freedom and for various reasons it's more appealing to cantamessa not that there is this doctor shortage in the united states can get the goahead noga guy quite that's a problem the fact that there are few durham enough doctors and and it as a virtual twenty percent of all over the age of sixty yes let and the baby boomers are going to make this a really big struggle i haven't niece ran his in is in medical school.

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