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Your host, Katie Weber publisher of the red, Lotus letter function easy for wealth each week, all cover funkaway topics that can help you improve your life. Sure inspiring stories, and always end with three easy to implement funkaway tips that you can put to work right away and usually in about five minutes. Now, let's get started on the five minutes that could change your life. Hello, and welcome to today's episode of five minute funkaway. We're talking all about Yang Energy. That's right. This is the energy that keeps our blood pumping that gets US excited. It's not the Union Oh you know. Sit there and meditate. but we're GONNA talk about Yang Energy, that is that up and moving get it going kinda energy red colors, bright light, excitement, sparkling lights, all the kinds of things that get us up and moving 'em get our blood pumping, and this is something that really need and boy do we need it now here with covert epidemic or epidemic? It's pandemic more than ever. We need some energy and infusion of of of energy. So let's talk today about Yang Energy and how you can use. It in your home in your life because it is so important that we have at. Yang. Energy is what keeps US alive it keeps us moving and going and working and pushing ourselves and having fun and excitement. That's Yang Energy. You know. Now, of course, gang energy is often associated with the male energy, but it really isn't just male energy. It's it's a when we think of yen in or Yong if you, WanNa call it that way. But you know I'm from Texas I say Yang Y'all. And yet energy is that energy that is sleeping energy what I would call it a slight being asleep you you need rest it's the time when you're quiet when you're contemplative, maybe meditate. Sitting in the bath and soaking that's yen energy union is dark and it retreats and it's holding kind of energy whereas Yang is going and blowing and and exciting, and an active and movement and light, and it is It's it goes forth. Yin Energy goes in and Yang Energy is the type of. That we need every day, that's what gets us up in the morning is Yang Energy and what goes gets us to sleep is yen energy. So if you WANNA, think about those two kinds of energies that way that's a really good metaphor for them and it's as you think about it, it's really not so relative to to male and female as as Yin and Yang implies if you think about it sleeping and resting as opposed to being active and energetic. So but even so you know a lot of people say you know it's a man's world and and and it is true because the world's a busy place it's full of Gogo drive and that requires a lot of young energy. Of course without Yang energy we'd stay in bed all day and be too lethargic getting done and functions way needs Yang Energy we all need young energy. When functions was I practice in its earlier days, it was actually a YIN study It was the assessment of burial locations that were selected specifically to give a family a long lasting legacy. Then functionary became a study for the living, not just the dead. Because well, Hey, the dead habit they they've got attorney to sleep it off while we've got to get things going right we do. So we definitely want to think about a functionary now as decidedly Yang that that Yang Energy is the preferred energy in a home. So while balancing and yen and sanctuary, and that that kind of ideas is an important concept in functionally the scales. Really need to be tipped little bit more Yang Direction. So the homes and businesses and offices are more energetic and grow and so that the people who live in those homes are more energetic girl. Now, when a living space is yen that energy tends to go in that direction. So that could be all kind, create all kinds of problems with loss loss of health or relationships, loss of wealth or. Physical vitality can even lead to death. In extreme cases. It can also like low metabolism create depression just sort of a downward outlook and when I think of yen houses a really good example that's very timely in today's world or hoarders hoarders have very yen houses that becomes they become this receptacle of just stuff that goes in and never comes out and that's what happens With those types of homes once they start in that in that Yin Direction, they typically stay in that direction but learning the importance and value of both Yin and Yang Energy means that when you have Yang Energy in your home, your home's energy will be tipped in favor of the spirit of Yang Energy and that helps your family thrive and makes you relationships fulfilling hey, makes maybe middle sexy, right And it makes your health vibrant and wealth is abundant. Now, when life is too yen, it feels stock or dull. You don't feel like you're moving forward and this is a time when you WanNa, have a good apply a really good healthy dose of Yang Energies and there's lots of ways to incorporate Yang Energy in your home also to your health and your life and even your personal outlook. So let's talk about some of those ways that you can develop young energy will the first one that comes to mind is To Stop Worrying Start Acting many times we think that worrying is productive just like ruminating over things is the answer eventually will worry our way out of a negative situation. Will you know that never happens right that rarely works in fact, it almost never works right? Instead we're often we all put up making a hard decision or taking decisive action choosing to worry instead but once you make a decision or take action, you get amazingly out of your Rut and start life starts moving again even when I started doing this. This particular podcast I listened to a few other podcasts about funkaway and and and While they had some really nice content. I've heard other podcasts on this subject and and many of them are treat the house as it's a it's a sacred place and it's like, let's let's go. That's my take on. I wanted to be active and energetic, and I. Don't WanNa put you to sleep while you're listening to this and there are all kinds of things that you can listen to with..

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