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Luck horrors our help there appeared man i tell you get bad that's like the both contact i've had with hunger for his yelling yelling at via twitter we break down the most pressing issues of our time large lead with like tight colby non not appropriately league take cold either and we get the most intelligent analysis from friends of ours like jeffrey tucker owed pulled over engine trouble and and what happened what happened uh i don't know that i don't know oh oh god seriously though we love putting on a show that both entertains in educates were growing and we'd be thrilled if you're joined us check out price podcast dot com for more that's p r e u s s podcast dot com well it's welcome back backward continue our conversation from earlier of tim dot in the state chairman of the region you'll wake party sir uh we talked a little bit in the previous segment of a show about you know what y the way parties around uh some of the stances that your party has and just from the areas that we cover from the welfare states immigration the foreign policy and even just you know understanding that there might need to be some cool compromise it it sounds like you guys are just real trump ask republicans very you know very populists republicans so to speak so why not just joined the gop well i think populace is pretty accurate i at big or other things that they looking at is not really a platform ideology as much as process you're were looking to restore representative government what we've lost in both parties is corporations having so much influence that will not necessarily getting a representative government of the papal so we're looking at you get a so so we're looking at work workers stay away from corporate money as much as we can with because there's yield saying that you know you have to get the dance with water logic and a near that has its own owned battles but but yes we're we're all about individual liberty us support for american jobs we definitely need to choose to start taken care of america we need to meet make america great i mean there's no doubt about that at three trump ask but i'm not sure uh i think that the philosophy that that weeks employ in that let's sit down and come together.

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