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Afternoon. I'm Gene Wexler today. Marks two years since the death of Orlando police Lieutenant Debra Clayton. And we're learning more about the case against her accused killer. Investigators releasing more interview tapes of deputies questioning friends and relatives of Markeith Loyd, while he was hiding from law enforcement. Loyd is awaiting trial for the murders of his pregnant ex-girlfriend shot. I Dixon and Lieutenant Clayton. You too. None of the people accused of helping Loyd hide from law enforcement were ever prosecuted. Darrell Moody, News ninety six point five WDBO. How about this update on the story of the port Richey man accused of killing his wife's parents and brother on New Year's day will Shelby Spencer now confesses he killed his wife up to a year ago and had been lying to his in-laws tricking them into believing. She was okay, he pretended. She was still alive. Her body has now been recovered in the backyard of the couple's home that's done port Richey about money update US and Chinese negotiators extend their trade talks into a third day in Beijing. We have no update yet on what progress they've made if any stock markets are reportedly paying close attention right now. I'm updating the latest numbers. The Dow's up one hundred fifty three NASDAQ up fifty sixty seven the SNP up sixteen after the back and forth. Actor and comedian. Kevin Hart says he will not be hosting the Academy Awards. He told ABC's. Good Morning, America. No. When asked today, and he says it's too late to prepare. Nobody has been named as a replacement host for the awards on February twenty fourth heart backed away days after being named host last month. When some anti gay tweets he had made a decade ago. Resurfaced Scott in the spirit of twenty nine. They just have robots hosted. They may have to settle upon. What are we like a couple of weeks away or so February twenty four okay? All the jokes. You have to write. I it looks to me is of Kevin Hart is taking taking a stand and good for him. So Kevin Hart says no Chris rock is already said. No, nobody wants to host the Oscars. Isn't that so weird ver very very strange very high profile gig? Maybe they should go. Get old Steve Martin hosted it three or four times. Maybe they should go get Steve Martin. He's busy playing his banjo. These go into that. All right Jeanne. Thanks, man. Twelve forty two. Now, your news ninety six point five WDBO.

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