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You're listening to John. Anderson direct with Peter hitchings. Please note that John Anderson Direct is recorded live via online streaming. Which means that sometimes the audio quality is less than optimum between it. It really is a genuine. Plays A to see you again. Have the opportunity to tool. Godfrey shouted hugely. The circumstances are extraordinary. You're in Oxford in England. I'm not no switched Yussef wiles on farm and yet we're able to communicate by means of mob technology and thankfully the sound and visual quality. Look very good not but I wanted to talk with you. Thank you so much for your time about Nineteen Colorado arse way known as much about it as we did tonight we might extraordinary decisions right across the what we do now is that it appears that it isn't as dangerous not to diminish the important so during brought as modest being on the other hand what he's now around is coming on the back. All the mess was never cleaned up after the financial crisis all ten or twelve years ago. This is going to reshape. The global economy asked the Saudis. The strategic architecture will will be very different day. Some came to talk to you about the very interesting things. You've paid sign on the disease but you really have an extraordinary and valuable generalists perspective. I think if I can put it that way of history all different sorts. All government regime societies around the winter. Establish Some Principles. I think in the wished particular as to how Margaret Establish how freedoms and some degree of economic tawny and future. So thank you again for joining us now. A touchstone. We know surprising to alignment has no sauce Just how little we seem to know even now about the epidemiology of tomatoes. It's non union making the point that some We have three essential problems a lack of knowledge of the necessary diners bars. The fact that many might get it which is nice symptoms and we learn more about that every day and the crucial distinction between as you put it so succinctly between dying with say nineteen and dying all can. I ask you just unpack the very interesting and I'm thinking Suspected you had on US tonight. It's a cool it's an. I should stress you but I make no claims to expertise in what I have done. Is I've started from the basic principles was old journalistic inquiry and indeed only In the modern world. Which is the great statement by telephone is not never believe anything until it's officially denied stops from a position that you don't know the authorities don't necessarily know either and ask questions and what I have found. Is that a number of prominent highly qualified. People and I will name them. In those cases here have serious doubts about what we're doing The thrust of them is professor. John Your needs of Stanford University in California who believe that the supposed mortality rates from Kevin Nineteen. Which you've been suggested a completely awesome misunderstood by the Ford based on statistics not working well-worked insulting secondly of this by name is the only person that's very prominent and distinguished professor of microbiology in the University of mine. Since one of the main seats learning jeopardy professor Bharati a has made two major interventions in the politics his country saying that the shutdown of the economy is is wrong and disastrous particularly. He argues that this disastrous for the very large number of healthy owed people in our societies. We rely very much on social contacts on an exercise to sustain the health. And who if this is prolong will will be severely and permanently damaged and he foresees a quite a large for deaths resulting from this. And so if we're trying to put this as a a some try suggest accrued question of life versus money. It isn't the the loss of life from his policies potentially considerable and you see also the experts from Sweden who continuing to insist that govern behaves like a normal government takes a muggeridge in proportion of action rather than precipitous extreme action. They also dot very considerably the extraordinary social economic and political experiment the engagement by so many major western countries while who are in truth the outlines the ECCENTRICS S of shutting. Down there economists of making a tax on personal liberty. I the At it seems to me of the intensifying economic crisis you mentioned earlier which is almost entirely dropped off front pages of newspapers. The major spite being an enormous and grave events in the history of Tumbling stock markets the the full sutton tarnishes. The general declines economic. Does what by to start with. But if you survey what's going on in my country the absolute devastation particularly small businesses service industry. Count them bills. The growing number of companies which have Sunni threatened themselves on the mercy of the Government. Which from somewhere. Other wet is proposing Something like that. He'll forty billion pounds sterling to pay people doing nothing of for several months with. I've never seen anything like it in my life. I think is is the world be run by teenagers? Does nobody know anything consideration and when I raise these issues because instinctively I felt when it began? That's that that some sort of questioning needs to take place. I thought the purpose of having a free society was that policies examined in public debates. It and it's always been my view that no government is is does not benefit from having serious informed. Opposition will.

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