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Two year twenty twenty qualifier win against San Marino. Supporters booed his side throughout the game as they failed to produce a performance to blow away the team ranks is the west in the world mcleese says it was generally positive as they bounce back from a shock defeat against Catholics. Tom last week. We got a little bit nervous. When we didn't get the second goal was some moments for San San Marino. But overall we were by far PDF elsewhere Wales. Beat Slovakia one nil and Northern Ireland. Struck late to beat Belarus in Belfast. Just McGuinness scored with five minutes left to secure to win England manager Gareth Southgate knows his side of walking into a difficult environment for tonight's euro twenty twenty qualifier after starting their campaign with a five win against Czech Republic. At Wembley on Friday. Southgate takes his. Players to Montenegro the second game. He says his team already applies. It always have to be prepared for hostile environments whether they're playing in England or the club so traveling around the world. So yes, we always prepare the place for everything. But. To prepare tactically for the guy. Burgess tennis number-one college man has booked his place in the last sixteen of the Miami open. He beat former world number three meals row niche in the third round Edman won in straight sets. We'll face defending champion. John is not in the next round and defending champions Wigan. Have ended a run a full straight defeats in rugby league's Super League baby by thirty points to twenty two. Thank you very much for that. Louis Mason there with the European sports. Let's get some sports from the US. What's happening there with Pete FOX,.

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