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Australia. Trying to good auto could see. We got a lot in wing superman. That's good demand has so much history like he's been asking embiid he says like oh my gosh i want to ask about this now. And you're gonna keep going like must hold back again. He's even in comics. Like what the eighties. so yeah. he's written at wide. I mean you know solomon includes day just you know like he wanted to come down here with me. Now buddy yet Serious so just like. That's what i said. I hope i can get him back again. Just because i like even like all his marvel stop going to talk to him about. I mean deficit. Superman could just be an zone episode. I mean just like the history of like even talking about this experience with watching the changing of comments on the things said about like having idea like redoing the idea in a different way. I mean reno doing superman walking away and coming back and doing the similar thing in doing more of that superman years later. So that was Mino alright said i need. I'm trying to read back on a lot. More of his night wing his. When i saw he was writing it. Jump back in. But i gotta get caught up so yeah i was. I was reading his screening his run. They tried to refresh myself. I think it's his first day. She's fifty nine. I think seventy five came out last week so her a little over here. Yeah this time. I tell you how time has passed like just happened. Then you're like wait has almost a year ago or your twenty one is like so many years. Pack didn't one year that yes on the one hand. Sometimes i think wow. It's been a year. And as i say wow spent a year especially comics. I mean we had like a two month break on comics. Were they weren't putting any out. So yeah you got the digital. I o yeah but a lot of them like night wing. yeah they weren't publishing so we should have seasons. He's been around long. Things will ever go. Strictly digital doubt it but as long as the money's there i'm sure they'll keep all right. Should we get outta here. Everyone digest what we've just learned Yeah here were admirably. Restrained in not too much. Superman were not naming. Yes good job. Job wealth of knowledge. To ask you know like all right but hey those of you listening at home you think two interviews as good walls will stay right where you are because next week when we are talking to ten sealy's that's gonna be three in a row that's right so yes come back next week. Pretend sealy talking might wing. Rebirth will and grace so send your questions in now for tim. Seeley email us keep saying lunatics at dot com or. Call the voicemail. Six one four three eight two two seven three seven that six one four thirty eight capes and remember to call nightly news on facebook twitter Follow all the cape's olympic social media. You can find all of that links to this youtube. You can watch the video on youtube. Go subscribe links to the patriots. And we're we talk star trek links to merch everything only one convenient place. That's linked trie ally n. K. t. r. dot ee flash keeps in lunatics and remember disorder our sponsors tweaked audio hunter. Killer pods book volume. One go pick it up now and digital in paperback because volume two is coming with a certain mr tyler patrick in there for volume two i. I can't wait to come out. i can't wait for rebe wrote about it. Tears through matt. He'd be like. Hey it's twenty twenty. There's nothing to do. Why will you pick up the book. Also pickup sick and boy wonder what together by that woman that mad woman. That crazy person right there so if you look decrease and go pick it up and you can pick all of that up on amazon and when you do use the link for southgate meaty group right there in the show notes. Help support this. Show southgate media group network and that crazy man in tattered bathrobe rob master doom southgate make it so says master to please kick in the pants.

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