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Misses the PAT. After Jay Philly puts the all time kibosh on Booker. I'll never forget somebody bet on the chiefs. I'll never forget Jay Philly. They're showing bucker. He hasn't kicked anything yet. Jay feels like this guy other than Justin Tucker is the best kicker in the week. I'm like, oh, great. He's definitely missing out. He's done. Comes in. This is a 50 yard field goal Mississippi. Some calculating those points. Anyone who has the ober in the game is like, oh, there's four points out the window. But Casey goes up 9. Allen has the 25 yard touchdown. And then there's this weird sequence or a KC punts, buffalo has it. They punt like you mentioned where it felt like, why don't you, you're probably not getting the ball back. Now tyreek has the big punt return. Now it's like chiefs have this. They have it one. Right. And then we have that crazy third in one play where all of a sudden mahomes is running to the left. He's a wide receiver. And I think it wasn't even Kelsey. It was like Blake bell. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Backup tight end is taking the stat. Now, just the part, just the same thing. The snap part is rough for a guy who hasn't taken a snap, let alone the playoff game. Sal. How does mahomes not have the ball there? If you score you win, you're up two scores. Here's the question. You have two chances 31. You have your fucking backup tight end, doing shotgun pitch plays. What is happening? There's no excuse for that. There's no excuse for the backup tight end, or anything, but there's a better play, but that him getting injured on that quarterback sneak against Denver two years. Do you think it's screwed that up? It took that play out of there, right? So then the defense knows that's not gonna be a quarterback sneak. And then you can kind of key on whoever's in the back then. Now you can do something tricky with tyreek hill. But you know, you know that play they have because you've seen them do it a hundred times. Quick mahomes rolls out. Mahomes rolls out and throws that quick three yard slant to hill, who's the best? Yeah. And he's always open. Either way, way better. Have the ball. So somehow, I think this is like one of the lessons of this whole season is co cheer up well. These coaches, they can't just be like, Patrick Mahomes. I'm not going to overthink this. Here comes here comes Blake bell. We're never going to see this one coming. So anyway, we've always had a hard on for playing bell though. I do like when he's in the shotgun. So Blake bell, is that an actress? Or it is Blake bell? Is his name big pal? Yeah, I guess it is. No, that's Lake bell was there. Lake bell. It's a buffalo gets a ball back from people. Yeah. Alan's on fourth and four. And does that huge shotgun scramble thing? And just makes a play, which was awesome. That leads to support the 13 TD to Davis. That's insane for than 13. You could have kicked the field goal there and then be done, but then just need one more field goal, but the 13th was a bullet in there. Well, because they knew they probably weren't getting the ball back. By the way, he breaks the guy's ankles on that, Davis. So then they get the two point on yet another incredible Josh Allen rolling around, having a play out of his ass and even back then so then tyreek has 64 yarder. And what you're not famous scores. But what are you thinking Tyreke should have gone down? I'm like, you're giving Alan too much time. Make them spend their time out. Then you're starting to think Madden video game mask, right? This is way too much time for both quarterbacks. But yeah, go ahead. He scores with a minute 13. I minus one. I'm delighted hill scores and ten seconds later, I'm like, oh God, there's too much time. And it's like, there's no way Josh Allen, who hasn't been deterred by anybody. So then they come back down. Davis scores 13 seconds left and you know the rest. So now we get to the coin toss. The chiefs lost to this that my patriots a couple years ago. And so I'm going to change my opinion slightly on this because I'm sure. Oh, why? Because the Pats didn't win the coin toss. An hour. I have a better idea. So initially, it's like, look, we got to stop the other team. Don't give up a touchdown. Get the give up touch standard deserve to lose. The Pats beat the falcons this way they beat the cheese this way. I do think there's something to the defenses being just dead in the oven. Of course. Of course. I was able to watch it objectively this time without my thinking. And I'm like, oh my God, buffalo's defense is dead. But you can actually see their breath and when it's coming out like rapid fire, that means they're about to have a heart attack. Maybe it should be more than just one possession. So a couple months ago, I've been waiting to tell you about this. My father's Twitter account called quirky research. And they had this thing a couple months ago. They had this article from The Boston Globe in 1980 or 81. In the past, when I was a kid, they would just lose it over time every time. So the paths were complaining about the overtime rules. And they suggested the coach Ron Earhart his suggestion was that in overtime. This was 40 years ago and it's like one of the best ideas I've ever heard. I can't believe I've never heard it. First team gets the ball on OT. If they score the number of plays that it took for them to score, the other team gets the ball and they now have to score in the same amount of plays or less. Interesting. So what game shows us? I feel like this is like honestly the kind of name that too in ish, but if the chiefs they score a touchdown, right? They score in 6 plays. If we're watching today. Now buffalo has the ball. They have to score a touchdown in 6 plays or they lose. 6 is 6 tie or 5 plays, like they have to do one less. They can have 6 KC gets the ball back. Yeah. Maybe I don't know. I didn't see that part in the globe article if it's less than 6 that they actually win. But maybe they have to score in 6 plays and then it just keeps going. But I like that idea more than just showing just loses without touching the ball. That's not bad, or just how about the chiefs kick it off after going up 6 or 7? That's it. And then just play it out. So you wouldn't like the play counter on the bottom and over time where Romo is like, okay, Jim, that's four place. But they're on the exciting place, buffalo has to score in 6 place. It is more exciting, but it doesn't really jive with the rest of the hell rules go. What does? What rule makes sense where Joshua calls tales, they lose. He never sees the ball, and they couldn't stop him. I know it. I'm just glad the refs didn't blow it, really. They almost did. And we both thought, actually with the rams game, but wow, I won't get to that. We'll get to that. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, this was phenomenal. This game. So did you think with tyreek hill when he's running in just the peace sign? I'm like, they're not going to flag that, right? Please, because that's been called all year. They've of course. But they put it away that game. Yeah. So what do we so what do we remember this game? This is the Allen versus mahomes game. What do we call this game? Just the Allen mahomes game because you think the great games you can always remember was some sort of something. Can we just call it the Tony Romo game? I mean, the guy's got nothing. He's got nothing. Just give it to him. Even though he wasn't on the field. All right, so what do we say to buffalo fence? What do we say? I don't know, man. I don't know. It moved to the NFC. Move to the NFC north somehow. You're sort of in the north, go to the NFC, the petition the league and just say, look, our fan base, this town is crippled with misery over this football..

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