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If I had to stay happiness was about Texas and Maria made it back. My mama kept calling me home, but I just did not. He's leaving. He left like Max Haven was getting clearer in my dream. What happened? What is him? Happiness is loving, Take rear view mirrors. Stoned on the dare will make more sense when you eat this tortilla men the old way. Well, I wasn't expecting that. I was not ready. Welcome in Happy, Chris. Beer Day. Happy Christmas. My friends ate 3605 nineties. The phone number if you want to get in on sports talk at Clement's. What's up, my man? Yeah. I'm just really excited about this. Chris Beard News came down earlier today. As you predicted around 10 this morning. I believe I have that and he's gonna be the head coach. No, no, you said last night, Dude, you know, guy right here, nailed it almost on the nose. Cuse me. He made made him the offer last night and it weren't broke this morning. Yeah, You know what? I blame the lazy news media. Okay, but they were. If they were on their game last night, it would have been reported last night. Okay, that that's what I say. Bottom line. It's great news for Longhorn basketball thing. Horse. What happened? Chris Speared leaving up City, Texas Tech. To be your next head coach of the Texas Longhorn, leaving the stench of loving text. Well, I'll tell you what those love it folks are p oed today. Really? I thought, Maggie I thought Aggie tears were tasty. But oh, my. Is there some salt and shade flowing from Lubbock, Texas today all over the place. I almost feel bad for him were like that big brother that takes your favorite toy. Damn thing you really is. Yeah, it's you're exactly right. Beat up people in tech. People don't realize crispier and went to college here. He used to live here He's from, you know, he he lived here during his kite. It's not like we're stealing him from his permanent place in the South plane. She's coming home tonight in these people's in await the liberals gonna get in which get those liberals. Liberals and Travis County. Will they'll kick him to the curb? Pretty quick liberals. What? What? Yeah, we'll also and listen, I don't want Tonto. I mean, I don't want to, but I will play the entitled Texas Longhorn fan jerk Your Texas Tech. Okay, It's just that's taxman. But you know what he will. He's one of the best coaches and all of college basketball. You thought he was going to stay there forever and no, he's not. That's not gonna work. Apparently, I can't wait where? I'm Brian Davis on today. Yeah. 5 35 American statesman For Maura. He's he just covered like the AIDS conference from Tech or whatever he's gonna provide great insight to this. But one I won't spoil too much for one nugget is like they offered Chris Beard a lifetime contract. And he turned it down. And I'm like, Yeah. Why the hell you want to, like Put in roots in a place like that when you're that good and incentive or a punishment, right? You wanna live in loving for the rest of you? I've never been to love it. That's not fair. I shouldn't have been the love but you don't have to herd it is a nice place to hurt. It's a nice place to be from. What is that song that we just play it? Happiness? Islamic tested Rearview mirror? Yeah, I kind of got the heebie jeebies before the When the when the Roy Williams storm broke today that Roy Williams was leaving North Carolina. Oh, no. Chris Spirit's gonna go to North Carolina. But Crystal. Connie had him on the phone last night. Yeah. Well, you know what the ESPN is reporting expected to hire Chris Beard. So I guess it's not official yet. But there's no the University of Texas made it official saying Welcome Our new Coach, and they've also changed the directory He's already listed on the official University of Texas Directory is really as head coach of basketball, and that happened before the press release, and he's also already hired an assistant Chris Ogden, who played for Rick Barnes, who was on that final Four team who used to be an assistant coach for Chris Bearded Tech is currently the head coach at UT. Arlington is going to come to Austin. He's gonna come back and coach leaving that job to be in a system with his beard. He's leaving head coaching position of beauty, A to be an assistant with Chris Beard and Texas. Tech has already removed or some would say, scrubbed all references of Chris Beard on any platform that they have on campus. Really? Yes. Wow, Armand, Texas? No, this is like deed. It's just like the end of days up there right now. I can only imagine. Look, I I feel for you. I understand, But I mean, the guy took you to a final four. You I feel like you. You still have Maddie national team today to take you to the I don't know. I always just stop in the final four. Yeah, I took you to the national championship game. Walking away with a few seconds to play. They would have won that thing. So I'm not saying build a statue for the guy, But you're just gonna take all of this stuff down immediately. And can I tell you this is well, like some of the players on that current tech team are already like. Well, I've got some big decisions to make her. Yeah. So we would like to welcome you guys down there. Yeah, there was a lot better in Austin number one on your action item list. Chris Beard. Do we need players players quickly. I think he knows that not just transfers, but, yeah, it's not gonna be a shock to his system. Recruit some guys. Um, I never know the rules on the transfer thing. Don't they have to sit out a year if they were to follow him here, they get well in a waiver. Your graduate. If you've already graduated from Tech, you can transfer be a graduate. Transfer me that many of those guys guys attacked me. No. Not many, many four year guys in basketball. Sometimes they can bend the rules. Sometimes they can't it Zed the goofiness of the inside of the left one guy transfers immediately. I think it's a little bit a little more difficult to get some of those guys since it's in conference, but Maybe he will. Maybe he will 51283605 90. What do you think of the New Texas Longhorns basketball coach Chris Beard on his way to Austin, 51283605 90 sports talk back in just a moment. Pay friends. You're still worried about this cold would related economic crisis will affect real estate in your mortgage. The real estate's own radio show with my buddy John McClellan was supreme lending is every Tuesday night from 6.

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