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The oh okay i'm not would be my life today my life today you know i in order to recover from food addiction i need to do a lot of different things i mean to meditate on a regular basis i need to be of service other people i need to eat whole foods in all of these things a attract to me the most amazing fabulous might so in a way what i thought was the greatest curse of my life turned out to be my greatest blessing the so powerful so powerful oh my heart is like dumping right now so cute would definitely part of the thing tribe yes definitely so where do we find you sandra so everyone can head on over to my website sandra eliya dot com that's s a n d r a e l i a dot com sign up for my newsletter and if you sign up from newsletter you'll get a private and confidential video but will give five steps to start your own journey on this food recovery you know from dictum eating as well i have a great youtube channel where you can get a video but once a week with my pearls of wisdom it's basically everything that i've learned along my journey what i learned working with hundreds of food addicts so if you go to youtube in type in sandra leah and again sandra assaying dr a elliot's e l i ate my youtube channel popup subscribed to that and we'll be me tigers worlds and a will will you know both you at myself are creating a tribe of seekers.

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