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Take one off Yeah there you go and free the depot. You can't see this facebook or youtube but you know we have to get a little sexy. I can't hear you But this is what I was wearing the first time you came on the show with Robert Goldens I remember. Oh wow well anyway. What your titties. Lovely actually. And this is. Feels like a little bit of communion. You know if you can't be with the one you love love the one you're with and you can't touch look listen and just meal you know sensory deprivation sometimes enhances your other senses and this might enhance your sense of looking and hearing you know. We can't touch but you're looking mighty fine Miss Cox. Can you touch him for me? Oh Yeah Oh yeah baby. Nice all right well That's a beautiful thing. We're going to sit back down and covered again and now now we're GONNA Well what is your parting words for your fans on the Dr Susan Bloch? Show or listening and watching the Dr Susan Bloch Show. I hope that everyone's waking them off as much as possible. You know I think the best thing we can do to stay sane right now. That's my advice. I totally wholeheartedly agree. Make love to someone you love even if someone is you and I and yeah Hibernate isolate masturbate. It's the best thing to do. You know I mean and and it's fun you know yourself better than anyone and if you don't know what to masturbate to Violet cocks her gas mask. Girl stuff is available online. And she's also on the Dr Susan Bloch Show. You could go to Dr Susan Bloch Dot TV and see her doing a lot getting spanked showing how much in different places all her body parts and Pussy ass. She's on Labor Day and how wax and hot wax getting the hot wax..

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