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Mike and everybody else just ignoring. Wow that is tragic. That i mean. That's our public. School system had enough show. How are these kids who were taught to disrespect our country not to respect it. How are they supposed to grow up and lead this country. If they don't respect and love it. How is that supposed to happen. Dire consequence when you're teaching them at the very least indifference for this country and More likely you're teaching them distrust discussed distaste and dislike for this country and just total disrespect and disrespect. And you add. Then you're you're gonna ask him to govern this country in a few short years. I mean we're all saying the while the the reaping of those seeds boy that was well said keith. Think about this all right. We're already starting to see our government infected with our public school absolutely education system. She's in hudson ohio. There's another school board meeting where somebody's trying to speak out about about the mask situation and a guy came into the school board meeting with Recording hogan's of some other people in the community and he played it for everybody. Not this one. no. Well i mean you. Can't you can play the well. Okay can you pause for second round. So this is hudson ohio and this was a very interesting school board meeting. There's a lot of fireworks at this meeting. And so this guy yes and then we'll play the next one after this one.

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