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Geram I'm Scott Sam's this is the K. R. L. the morning news thank you for being with us this morning news radio ten eighty KRLD traffic alert we're gonna start with traffic because we got a major highway shutdown joys Nielsen good morning well good morning Scott good morning everyone yeah the freeway that shut down is from north bound of forty five slash seventy five downtown Dallas it shut down at I thirty because of an accident and resulting investigation that actually occurred closer than the elem main street exit to get around that if your I have your forced on to thirty had ease to Carol north to gassed in west to good lad run that'll get you back on to north bound seventy five that's what you need to go or you may even want to consider one seventy five to Cesar Chavez and follow that back to north bound seventy five I'll have another check on this though at five oh eight with traffic and weather together on the H. joys thanks let's go to the scene right now this terrible accidents near downtown Dallas K. are all these Allen this guy has the latest Alan Mike the Dallas County sheriff got the call about two thirty about the crash on northbound forty five was right near Taylor that's just north of the I. thirty interchange before what all Rogers it was a head on crash appears to ban all wrong way driver going south on the northbound lanes the Dallas County sheriff says they can't confirm what led to the crash just yet they're still out here investigating then that's why they've got the freeway close right now they've got the the the the crews are out there just kind of vibe blocking every lane of traffic as they as they as they try to piece together what happened out here and I yeah they are diverting traffic northbound forty five to I thirty live along I. forty five in Dallas Alan sky newsradio to maybe care all the this is crude Lewis this morning's deadly crash comes just thirty hours after a similar wrong way collision that killed former Dallas city council member Carolyn Davis and critically injured her adult daughter in that case the wrong way driver has a long rap sheet for drunk driving in this infuriates Davis's pastor says a lot about our system something that's a breakdown somewhere from Kirkwood temple CME church Reverend Jerry Christian says no one with more than one D. W. I should be allowed to drive the accused drunk driver in the Davis crash as a record of multiple D. W. iris dating back nearly fifteen years as reported by NBC five just three days before the fatal crash alcohol monitoring devices were removed from Jonathan Morris Kerr and his ankle Lewis newsradio ten eighty KRLD later today the prosecution is expected to rest in the.

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