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Well chamber of mysteries or do GYP. God of death and Guide through the underworld recently the goddess Maat onto the scales of justice. Have not an imbalance. This is not good and timbering chaos to the multi-diverse. But you dear more may help. And averting this cosmic disaster by supporting for chronic books in doing so you will gain at three episodes of the podcast as well as bonus content only for Pacer in spreading rethinking and higher knowledge. The forces of Garnett's are kept at bay simply. Subscribe to the chroniclers balls for. Ron Paul's DOT com. And by pledging a single dollar a month you can help keep apotheosis in the void and Ross Guy. Chariot soaring proudly through the universe can also subscribe to the Cryptic Chronicles Youtube Channel. It is in its infancy right now but with more support there will be more time to post more content so subscribe share talk. These things help. I knew this. Don't forget tell them about I. Tunes and spreading the show. Bove thank you please. Mortal help broaden the scope of listeners for the podcast by leaving it good review on itunes and share every episode or any cryptic content as much as you can in doing so we can increase the audience and fans or the show spreading it across all consciousness of humanity out by the dark by fourteen chronicles and assist regardless of the Scales and I a numerous God of death and bring bell to the planes of existence. The astral currents must become and the opposites must be reconciled as above so below. Farewell Mortal.

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