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When your sister Claire brought to Sheikh LP's back from a car boot sale. I have no memory of that whatsoever. I think it was. And you made me a cassette copy and had say, she come one side and Tongan chic on the other. Amazing. Yeah, not long. Take the base. So Bernard boots play? It was just a revelation to me. Yeah. Around the same time. You saw about vintage clip with him on VH one doing the free. Yeah. Yeah. I think Nile see-through fen distress. And then we went out and picked up the whole of their back catalogue on vinyl than we from hairy records on bold street. I think we'll keep in that shopping business back then and yet still league little suspiciously. Every time we walked in every single time. Anyway, Nile was born in nineteen fifty two in the Bronx New York City and raised in Greenwich Village. He had the colorful childhood to say the least and grew up in an autistic stimulating intellectual environments surround by music and the coterie eccentric local characters. Initially, he had designs on being percussionist like his biological father, but wound up playing flute in the school oak strength. Thank clarinet before discovering his true calling. As it gets artist, he began his professional career as a session player in NYC torn with the Sesame Street bond and joining the Apollo theater house bond while still in his teens. He met bassist Bernard Edwards in nineteen seventy and the two quickly bonded, nod tanning, the hitherto jazz influenced Nile onto funk R&_b.. They went on to form the Big Apple band together, which eventually evolved into chic. But NADA now, recruiting drummer, Tony Thompson, and taking their cue from the likes of Roxy music to forge the bans elegant sophisticated image science Atlantic in nineteen seventy seven. They recorded their upon them first album on a miniscule budgets and EPA. Spare time they had between gigs with Vandross was among the backing vocalists and was very much this secret weapon on many of the hit records. He wasn't the the group went on to record the top ten album. Say she and risque and the string of hit singles, including the dense flow Staples, LA freak..

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