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Martha maccallum we're going to ask the tough questions because there's a lot of conventional wisdom out there that needs to be challenged, Shannon. Bream what I'm doing is making sure that whatever is developed through the day. People are fully informed from coast to coast. We're twenty four seven news. But really down to the minute. We're going to be fearless. We're going to be fair. Whether it's a midnight for their news channel, real news. Real. Honest opinion. Controversial proposal to change some of what's in school history lessons in Texas is scrapped in a preliminary vote. The Texas board of education has added Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller back to the states history curriculum after voting in September to cut lessons on the former secretary of state and the deaf and blind activist hours of testimony were given on proposed edits to streamline academic standards. The board is made up of ten Republicans and five Democrats, and that's eight women and seven men. They also voted to restore a previously. Narrowed second grade lesson about women airforce, service pilots or wasps who flew during World War Two. The first woman to pilot military aircraft Tonga j powers Fox News. Final vote could come today. The US education chief Betsy DeVos is proposing a major overhaul in the way colleges and universities handle sexual misconduct complaints overall. The proposal aims to add protections for students accused of assault and harassment and also. Arrow which cases schools would be required to investigate. The education department says it's aimed at ensuring fairness for students on both sides of accusations less than a week before thanksgiving. There's a Turkey recall, but it does not involve whole turkeys. The recall is for more than ninety one thousand pounds of raw ground Turkey produced by Jenny o Turkey store. The department of agriculture advises anyone with the ground Turkey to discard it though in the future to protect yourself. Always cooked Turkey to a safe internal temperature of one hundred sixty five degrees measured by a food thermometer. Because the cooking process kills salmonella. Also you advised to wash your hands after handling brawl poultry meat in pet food to avoid cross contamination. Oxygenic Sola a mixed day on Wall Street so far and right now stocks are turning lower..

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