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Or raw allegations they're trying to figure out exactly if there's any factual basis to them we also heard from montana senator john tester he's the top democrat on the senate veterans committee and he told us this that he's going to tell his staff and his self give them enough time to do as much work as they can in the next forty eight hours there's just forty eight hours go and they're gonna see what they can come up with and he asked if these allegations are troubling he told my colleagues on the hill today that if true they could be politico's reporting the two sources confirm senate veteran affairs committee is reviewing allegations against ronnie jackson which include a hostile work environment excessive drinking on the job and improperly dispensing meds voters in arizona's eighth congressional district to the polls tuesday to replace republican representative trent franks who resigned in december amid sexual misconduct scandal republicans have spent a lot of money to boost their candidate in an effort to ensure there isn't another democratic upset republicans have a seventeen point advantage in registration the district but democrat hero tipper ni has mounted a serious challenge to republican debbie lesko the white house hosting the first state dinner of the trump administration tuesday night for french president emmanuel macron only one democrat has been invited louisiana governor john bel edwards and no members of the press will be there the president has reportedly dumped security protocol and taken to calling advisors outside the white house on his private cellphone possibly so chief of staff john kelly doesn't know who he's talking to we have learned from one white house officials spoke with that he is using it more frequently and more recently and this is also seen as a way for the president to get around his own staff john kelly when kelly i came on board the president used the white house which board more frequently although he still did have his personal cell phone and at that time the john kelly would then print out a list of who the president was speaking to now we're told the president is basically trying to get around that using his own cell phone.

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