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Furniture in Rockville, Laura, Alexandria, Forest Hill and Fredericksburg for 28 traffic and weather on the eighth day Ville Tynan, the double d T o p Traffic Center. A bad day at the Bay Bridge with a westbound 12, mile long back up and an eastbound 8 to 9, Miles. Stop and go slogs from before the Severin River Day Long discontinuation of two way traffic and nearing our 19 of a police response above the Chesapeake on the westbound span of the Bay Bridge, it has been only one right lane getting by intermittent stoppages of traffic. Since sunrise eastbound without the two way traffic and only two eastbound lanes on the eastbound span. Delays began again before the Severin River. No threat to the public, but obviously extreme delays. And the after effects thereof. And for many, this is one of the most difficult drives to the Bay Bridge, especially westbound. The Maryland Transportation Authority, urging all would be travelers to avoid the bridge. Postponing your trip until later this evening or even tomorrow, Probably a good plan. Another big tie up in Waldorf ST Charles. The closure of route 301 between small would drive and Billingsley road wires down south bound traffic had turn either into the mall or at the very latest on a small would drive. North bound traffic was diverted at Billingsley. No deal. He's at the nice Middleton Bridge in Virginia. Volume delays on 95 South and 66 west of Beltway with nothing blocking, except for the long term work zones on the latter. Dave Golden w T o p. Traffic STORM team 44 Day forecasts we head through the weekend. Here's Emilia Draper a pleasant afternoon out their overall We're looking at partly sunny skies. It is more humid than yesterday,.

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