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Coulter California governor Gavin Newsom has declared a state of emergency in Sonoma and Los Angeles counties where residents have scrambled to get out of the way of fast moving wildfires LA county supervisor Katherine Barker this is the largest evacuation that we've had in Santa Clarita over fifty thousand last night it could be more the fire north of Los Angeles is over forty three hundred acres and only five percent contained at least half a dozen structures have burned power may be cut off to two million people starting tomorrow CBS is Chris Martinez in northern California's cinema county firefighters are battling a massive blaze that erupted Wednesday night and has destroyed dozens of homes and other structures sixty mile per hour winds pushed the flames through a canyon near the town of guys are built like a rock the calls of the fire is unknown but the power company in the area says a transmission tower failed near the point where the fire began the justice department has opened a criminal investigation to find out how its own probe of the Russian investigation began in twenty sixteen the F. B. I. and intelligence agencies found Russia acted to help president trump's campaign but the president claims he was the investigations target CVS is Paul reed we haven't had any confirmation that present is pressuring for particular outcome but publicly he's certainly called after the outcome that he wants he believes that some of the officials involved in this investigation at the outset he believes they were quote treasonous hi he would like to see repercussions house Democrats have issued three more subpoenas in the impeachment inquiry targeting budget and state department officials official Washington said good bye today to Maryland congressman Elijah Cummings who died last week at sixty eight from Barack Obama logic coming.

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