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Yeah, so my my current wife of bath actually someone who I met in 72 as a child or adolescent she and I we've been together since ninety-five off in the wind in the wine industry. So she had come to LA and live with me for ten years while figuring things out and since she had supported me and I was getting crazy by the LA traffic 24 hours. I decided we should just move north and let her have her time in the sun in the wine industry. Nice. That's what brought us up here. Gotcha. All right. I know it's sidetracked a lot. But that got to one of the ways I could continue making a living up here still practicing my craft somewhat for I still do film and Ed. Once in a while television work and print Ad work and and voice over but I also teach and and have taught at Sonoma State University and Dominican College. So San Francisco digital film School the San Francisco Academy film Academy actors Academy and various other places that on the Berkeley campus wage and at various high schools and extended education programs. Awesome, man. That's beautiful. That's beautiful and a coach privately owned and Coach primarily. Yeah, and and that's what I wanted to talk about next right? I wanted to talk about just the amazing work that you're doing to help people who are aspiring to change to go into acting and and people who are in companies who are aspiring to work better as teams, right you provide corporate training Workshop. From what I understand and you help actors with improvisation like you mentioned earlier and music music history and and you even have a a an autograph signing business. Is that right? Well, I well there's a lot of questions in your one question. We try to address each one that I've been since those days doing the Renaissance Fair in the Charles Dickens Christmas fairs, right also participated in various living history events where I've either cast or directed or produced events that recreate moments from history example, I've helped recreate the 19th century old west during Gold Rush days, and also their time travel weekends. I played Mark Twain played a medicine man wage..

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