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Welcome to Christ is the cure with Nick Campbell. Here. We bring you theology apologetic and a resource for growth on the basis of scripture alone said back and enjoy today's episode. Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the show. This is up so seventy seven and this weekend is the conference in Houston and south Houston with Jason Lyles on a Sunday, only if you want information on that Email me quickly, and I'll get you that information, and maybe we can shake hands and meet at that. I highly recommend Jason Lisle if you are in Houston. He is awesome originally from answer is Genesis. And he he just has awesome stuff. He really does. Anyway. Well, two weeks ago now I had a series on Instagram because I'm doing series now on Instagram where I talked about King James only them, and if you're with us last year, then you got to hear like a four part series on that. And so I decided to address it again, this time making more accessible to people in general and. Well, we're just going to kind of go over that again here. And really nothing has particularly changed the arguments fort haven't really changed, and we're gonna talk a little bit about some of that that's gone on today. So we'll see how this goes. So is has been quite some time since we discussed it. But there have been a number of individuals who have their faith shaken or in a crisis because of the King James only movement. I think that's sad and dangerous. I have heard people say that their salvation has been questioned because of their position on the TV or the ESP and that is also dangerous. So this doesn't really apply to those who are majority text only because really I think that's a more appropriate view in light of this. And so if you prefer the King James because it reflects the majority tax more than anything than okay, sure. But that's not usually what we're talking about here. We're addressing those individuals. I consider him the King James the only superior word of God, it's infallible. It's the only translation, and that's usually who I'm geared towards SU there's a lot of different views in. I think TR only is kind of a stretch to in some sense. Which I am not an expert in this field. I have just done enough research to to know that I do not hold this position. So you'll likely see graphics online with the King James comparing it to the NFC saying these versus are missing or you have this one where it's all these verses in the cage. Av says has them hasn't hasn't hasn't been then on all the other modern translates says removed, and so the misconception is that. Well, really it's easier to propagate simplistic nonsense rather than try to understand why this occurs, and there is a presupposition behind the images, and basically it makes King James the standard, and we'll get a little bit later. But ultimately, you can make any translation the standard and say look these other versions are different. Therefore, they are corrupt. They are of the devil. And you can do that with anything if you make it standard. So what is the standard while the standard is the manuscript? And that's why the majority text position makes more sense to me because if you're gonna make an argument from any position should be while these manuscripts are are more of them. Etc. But in terms of the verses, I would argue that they were added into the King, James. And the question was how can this be the King James older? Yes. The king translation is older. But the manuscript spend it or not. So it all started with a series on Daniel Wallace. And he had a quote that I put up on my page, and you can see all this on at Christ dot is dot the duck. Your the King James version based six eight manuscripts while modern editions consider at least fifty eight hundred Greek manuscripts. And the difference is pretty staggering. The Greek text behind King James is demonstratively inferior to the Greek Tech's we have today and the author of the King James greet, text or considered variants and made changes the King James translators and their sixty seven noted variance translational differences, and they recognize and called for the production of future and better translations versus we're not removed from the scripture asking James only advocates. We'll tell you about rather late editions. I think personally it would be great to have a new translation base off the majority text. I think that would be really cool, but we just don't see that really happening as far as I am aware. So the next part of the series was basically opposed about the Greek text behind the King James version, which was made by harassment's and eras was trying to be the first published Greek New Testament before a cardinal in Spain Rasmus used half a dozen of the earliest. Greek manuscripts, which I believe dated from the twelfth to fourteenth century, sometimes he had to just guess at what the regional mindset, and you see this with revelation, and he admitted that his own edition was contained or contained hundreds of errors. So the reality of the matter is that there are differences also between the sixteen eleven and the King James you see today. So this raise the question if the King James the only foul word of God without air them. Why are there any changes whether some of those changes here in a minute? But the main thing is the Greek text that it's based on the often, call the Texas receptive. So the received text. But which one is the pure one, which one is the true in which TR should we accept on? There are five additions from Arash Smith's, and then the additions of Stephanus which there are four, and then those Beza which is eleven most exit are called it's Yar would actually be the work of Scrivener who used the fifteen ninety eight version of basis text any looked at all the variants, but he conformed his Greek text from the English translation of the King James version. So he took the King James version, and he translated into Greek. So of course, that one matches up perfectly because he he created a whole new edition based off of an English. Translation, so there are thirty editions of the TR or the Texas Persepolis with variants. And so which one would be the pure Tech's, which one be inspired. So the most prominent one courses harassment's who started the tax and fifteen sixteen who

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