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So very good very good. I went up three. We look at it. Is it amazing going. This last night went nineteen river fall. That spy combined badge is in an offense by Reynoso Bona Gingrich canonical. Let's buy albums from Amalgam onto the seventy six miles around sixty seven minute by being twenty. Nine minutes bruce to demand that she seven that's talkline desire by him titled off and pulled up in the Gold Cup five pound to mountain. Seventy two two hundred six matters. That workout can't believe it. I mean ninety nine hundred ship be at least threes on and probably will be. There's no way my voice coming back to the Nineteen River Plate. You're going to the guy that cool cannot give him six pounds because you're going to smoke him up. Any of those runs Getting six pound from blackboard Let go would have no chumps I'm mark on tonight. Good anymore just just to get married to win a white say you with a Selfie stick tomorrow God come on Nights Nights Kaethe. You mentioned something that was important. It was true racing blogger style. Boo Block corporate capacity. Oh No aw Asaki was putting this up last night and I think I thought about as well. There's probably two days and so that isn't it. One is in need of demonstrably run to that sort of figuring. It is right but you're just getting and secondly if I were to be copper onto coming for the purposes of horses going around and handicaps I wouldn't touching Nicky Henderson. Eight hundred sixty plus until me at end of the season. They're not going to run on them. So river needed to have his reading reading. That was ready for Orlando Cut Mike Bite then until the end of the season and then judge them as well so list. I think Tunisians behind it up or no Ordina. We stunned you sweat and tears on handicaps and also he's guessing. Yeah I mean if you happen. Trump's running into the big rights rate used to be a attack will be absolutely perfect for him. If he's on the daddy we get in there on the ground over weight should fifty seven hundred sixty I is that there's an element of yard habits Nichols who do not fair enough Kate French so I want to ask you something here. Based on how. You've priced this up. When you do your match betting D- do they tend to automatically be derived from the outright in other words my tiger shade of odds against Black Cortin to beat might buy or? Is that a case what you might think I'm going to say. We need to manually override what the Algorithm spat out here to get. We'd like to be a function of the wind. Price was The extra America's price wouldn't really be done until later on the day when we're more confident with our prices that we have so there's every chance the price of that this race be priced by three three competitors. SCUOLA take place. We agree on central prices. And then we'll do the extra markets prices so I'd imagine those Dell's prices might little bits by time. Get the house. foresights o'clock owing black coat and should be fed competitive in that much but might by Shimmy. Or Yeah Yeah like that's that's poverty Into this rates you think might bites gone That's the bet you won't be having just one day. I wanted to say going back to keyes blogger videos. I think if we saw Paul having after racing videos he would get an awful lot of hits and you should consider getting a shock. Yeah yeah up to the watershed for them. Kills with probably three after about nine o'clock if killed so a video of the next day it'd be watching the action for the first time I talked about the matchbooks as well and I think people people who like to bet much break song says in particular will be absolutely rubbing their hands over taking on a suspect. Yeah because you've got an ultra consistent owes it. Won't they might not be as good as mine. Bites honest might now be far. More likely to do is run. As a template is an absolute temperature of one of those are much spread. Bej Your Protocol. We believe cues definitely will call them all. You would hope so. I'd think it's even that you will do so okay. Lesson interest in my sat in three fifteen entry is the Grand.

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