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Captain and 25 your veteran's st louis fire department was taken to a hospital for treatment but was not believed to be seriously hurt it was chamber of commerce weather perfect for the pride i pray downtown sunday prior to that those taking part in a hands across market ceremony prayed for solutions to problems plaguing the city whom organized that we may suffice his own homophobia home transvaal long and so many other issues still needs rest see today to be a solution wrong marla problem the grand marshal this year's parade was found in lgbt rights activist cleaved jones jones also a driving force behind the creation of the aids memorial quilt your weather forecast for monday sunny mixing with clouds and a shower thunderstorm in spots in the afternoon a high near eighty tuesday sunny to partly cloudy pleasant with a high of eighty degrees by wednesday breezy and warmer times of clouds and sun and a high near ninety brett bloom kmox news smith are you a lawn mower parents is not what you think it means is you're not the person responsible for mowing the lawn at the house lawn mower parent unexplained with what is also this hour i do want to get to a crazy story about a grieving father in defense of net neutrality the man who invented the internet has a comment on net neutrality i wanna read his comment and the slow death of the electric guitar a few playing.

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