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Out there. It's awesome. Jackets fans are gonna get to experience a second round. And also hockey in the month of may probably for the first time ever, they'll meet the winner the Toronto Boston series. Toronto leads to games to one right now. Tampa Bay not the only favored to get swept Pittsburgh last night eliminated in four straight islanders being again. Baseball Indians over Seattle four two reds loss. Six one of the dodgers clippers lost as well. From the central Iowa dealer sports desk, Matt McCoy radio six ten WTVN. Can you give me any insight in all? All right now. I mean, I'm not just talking afterglow and hey job well done and all that kind of stuff. But d- think the team is ANSI, you know, because this is uncharted territory for a lot of the guys and they're going to have to wait a little bit to play the second round. So think like, hey, they're able to actually turn the brains off and let their bodies, relax or anything. It's just so much the process. There's just no way. I I'm not sure whether it's better to have they're going to get like a week off whether that's too long, and they get stale, and they lose an F or not. But it is what it is. I would think you'd rather have rest than not right? I mean, especially the way they had to play the defensive side. But I would say yes, guys. Yes. The so I think it's probably a good thing for them. I will say this. They are the seventh team now in league history to win the first round series over the PR. Presidents trophy winner. The first sweep them. But it's happened. Six other times three of those six other times. The teams went on to mate the Stanley Cup final. And once they won it. So if history tells fifty percent of the time they've they've carried that momentum all the way to the finals. And so this may not be the end, you know, this may just be the beginning for this thing. I don't know if my voice, and my heart can take it, dude. Yeah. I I don't know either. When parents scored that empty because I mean, I'm there like really nervous. They pulled the goalie they've been put a lot of pressure on Bob towards the late stages when he scored that goal the place exploded, by the way when he scored that goal. Also something else happened. Here's here's John Tortorella after the game as a cut on his chance of celebration on the bench. When Erin score the empty net goal really said he felt safer being on the ice. When. Goal scored. Just describe the scene. Spears poured on me from the fans intentionally knowingly at the end of the game. But during the game and we scored some goals. I had two years on the people behind me. The kind of night it was in nationwide. Joel I don't know if I want is dry cleaning Bill, but God bless them. It is funny. If you look at the there is a reaction shot of the bench going crazy when parents scored that goal, and you do see somebody in the first row, I didn't know got on towards, but maybe it did. But you can see beer gets filled up against the glass because the fans are jumping up and down at everything. So wanna scene? Yeah. Great stuff for. Sure. Thanks. We got Bill Davidge later in the show about eight thirteen and we're gonna get his taken that he may have voice than me this morning. So we'll see we'll see where six forty eight. Couple of quickies before we jump back to traffic and weather three New Jersey men arrested yesterday charged with running a company called sin med sin med a pharmacy than actually is on the dark web and pushes illicit drugs. So phone repair shop and very Park New jersey was where the trio had the pill press. Powder. Mixer and punch ties to imprint the words zanex on the pills. Authorities the equipment nearly half a million counterfeit zanex tablets, that's the largest pill seizure ever in New Jersey photos from the scene showing buckets and buckets full of tablets. They also sees drugs with street value. Three million dollars are Stasi's of Los Angeles today agreeing to pay eight million dollars to teenager who was sexually abused by the director of all girls Catholic high school who's allowed to continue working there. Even though there had been one prior allegation of misconduct. The eight million dollar settlement the largest ever paid to a single person out of more than seven hundred forty million dollars and sexual abuse elements in the LA archdiocese paid over the last fifteen years and today paleontologists are fuming why? Well, they're fuming about an infant t Rex fossil estimated to be about sixty million years old it's for sale on EBay the seller is asking for almost three million dollars. For the fifteen foot long fossil. It was found by Alan Detrick on a plane on private land in Montana twenty thirteen. He let the university of Kansas natural history museum borrow it in twenty seventeen. But scientists were shocked when he knows he wanted to auction it off paleontologists had hoped you'd be able to examine the fossil. But that won't happen. If it's bought by private collector, so three million dollars, and you can own your very own T Rex fossil in fifteen feet thing fit about anywhere, traffic,.

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