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But in reality we know real life is not a morality play often times the coward thrives I. It's true it's true. Monsters die in bed. Henry Kissinger is going to die in comfort hopefully soon but now he's going to die he's GonNa die in his home. We've done this show five years where the most cowardly men there are. That's true so but we have okay so I get out of out of line. I go back a wait with you. And Betsy and then later. I so I had to put my bag way in the back of the plane. Because there's no overhead space laugh so it takes me a while to get off the plane. And while I'm you abandoned me at that Point I had to go pee. You leave me alone. Get off the plane by yourself. Leaving me stranded exhibiting warm like behavior. Here's the word you're the you are this is projection as always you are being a worm and so you think. I'm the warm to make yourself feel better about your worms word. If you're if I'm alarm your worm or a couple worms and the fucking word worm farm. Fine we're fucking worm farm. Fine fucking worm thing. I think we're more of a slug than a worm slugs are. Lazy slugs are lazy. They're just slow to wise. Denver means a great city. It is a great city. We're having a lovely time. It means a lot to me show. Tell the crowd. I told you backstage. I mean I think you have to you now. I lost my virginity in Denver. Colorado don't clap too hard. I was twenty two years old. I knew they would laugh at me. I was going to say you had a big day today..

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