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Jordan Blackwell, Jim Rupe, Oregon discussed on America's Morning News


Sixty ksfo services joe oakland san jose union station russia claims derogatory information noriega did i'm evan haning russian government officials discussed having potentially derogatory information about then presidential candidate donald trump and some of his top aides and conversations intercepted by us intelligence during the twenty sixteen election correspondent jim shudo reports this is according to two former intelligence officials and congressional source one source described the information as financial in nature and said the discussion centred around whether the russians had leverage with trump's inner circle source says the intercepted communications suggested us intelligence russians believe they had the ability to influence the administration through the derogatory information former panamanian strongman manuel noriega has died following surgery for a brain tumor noriega ran panama as a military dictator until us forces invaded and arrested him on drug and murder charges noriega was eighty three years old i'm evan haning one police pulled them over tiger woods admits he was under the influence with correspondent sierra crawford says it wasn't because he was drinking was an unexpected reaction to prescription medicine led to a dui arrest not alcohol of fourteen time major champion said he didn't realize the mix of medications affected him that strongly portland man charged in a deadly stabbing attack over the weekend is going to court in oregon correspondent jim rupe jeremy joseph christian is charged with two counts of murder after allegedly stabbing two men to death who tried to intervene when christian was yelling racial and religious leaders at two women on a transit train friday one was wearing a muslim hejab a mississippi teens says his life was saved by his 18yearold cousin who shielded him from bullets caleb edwards says a gunman entered a home early sunday cousin jordan blackwell was killed protecting fifteeneuro caleb whose eleven year old brother was also killed eight people in all are dead really cory god god bold is charged with murder i'm evan haning are you looking for senior care for your mom or dad but don't know where to start hi i'm joan lunden.

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