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To spread among Children. Delta Variants really packs a punch. Whether you're Adolescent all an adult, and I gotta tell you many of the adults who were treating in their twenties and thirties very sick as a result of this period. Evacuations and relief efforts continue in Afghanistan. Qatari charter flight lands in Doha with Americans and foreign nationals on board 158 people in total. It's a tedious and dangerous process to get Westerners out of Taliban controlled Afghanistan, but people are willing to take the risks for a better future. Other regional countries are starting to fly into Kabul's international airport as well. Including Turkey and Pakistan. Pakistan is ramping up aid to neighbouring Afghanistan amid a growing humanitarian crisis. Two planes from Islamabad landed in the Afghan capital of Kabul this week, carrying much needed medical supplies and food. This as the country's foreign minister is asking the international community not to make it to Afghanistan. Conditional. The Texas Veterans Commission Fund for Veterans is presenting more than $7.5 million in grants to 27 organizations in North Texas. Commissioner Kimberly Shamed, he felt says the commission will distribute tens of millions of dollars throughout the state. 2021 T V. C approved 147 Grant awards totalling over $33.4 million that provide a range of services to our Texas veterans. Grants are expected to serve an estimated 30,000 veterans in Texas and Addison based Veterans Mental Health Clinic says it's seeing an increasing number of patients. Dr. Chelsea Fiduciary, A psychiatrist at Cohen's veteran network, says they offer services to help veterans make that transition to get reactivated into everyday life. Now, with suicide prevention month and with everything going on in Afghanistan, she says, prioritizing mental health is more important than ever bringing back. People memories painful emotions with the 20th anniversary of 9 11. The new layer. On top of that, What's happening in Afghanistan? No question that this year, maybe more difficult produce a says, Look out for your family members who are vets and find a way to honor them. This 9 11 cat bones iron W B A P news study shows stress levels of dramatically increased in university students because of challenges brought on by the pandemic. U. N. T S DOCTOR Jamaica, Chapple says it's important to help students deal with the challenges they're facing students that have come back from the campus. There are opportunities to speak with a mental health professional, both in person and virtually I know that a lot of college in the universities of also invested in crisis line further assist students who may be needing to speak with someone right away. Doctor. Chappell says Suicide is preventable and encourages people to actively got involved. Key House committees in Washington or hashing out the details of a spending bill that's expected to total more than $3 Trillion challenge. Democrats facing Congress finding consensus among themselves on a reconciliation bill Central, the President Biden's build back better agenda. I don't think we can afford to do everything and as a legislator, I have to prioritize and make tough choices. Florida Democrat Stephanie Murphy, along with other moderates question the $3.5 trillion proposal. But Ways and Means Committee chairman Republican Richard Neal calls this moment once in a generation opportunity to make transformative beneficial change. Progressives say dropping the price tag risk their support without any votes from Republicans. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi can afford just three defections. On Capitol Hill. Jared Halpern, Fox news rights advocates trying to educate the public about upcoming changes that have been made election law in Texas. The law limits access to mail in ballots, bands 24 hour and drive through voting but does allow for expanded early voting League of Women voters. Texas CEO Gracia Means says stipulations from Senate Bill One do not take effect until December. 3rd gives us a little time to provide that voter information so that they can participate. In the primary next year. But this upcoming election is not impacted. LW V Taxes is one of numerous civil rights groups that have filed federal lawsuits against the new law. Nicolo say. W B A P News. Some big money is being invested in Lancaster Threat up, California based online second hand apparel company is planning a $50 million investment that will create some 1500 jobs. The online reseller has agreed to lease is 600,000 Square Foot fulfillment center that will be built on a 35 acre site. Lancaster City Council approved the project earlier this week. This will lead to at least 150 full time jobs, paying a minimum of $50,000 a year. Chad Dixon. W B A P News first search and Rescue K. 19 to respond to the World Trade Center 20 years ago on this day was Scott Shields and his golden retriever partner. Bearer Shields and Bear worked for hours that day, finding the bodies of both the fire commissioner and the chief of the fire department, Shields says the dog never faltered. It was formally trained, but I never thought he had then and He was always right. He never made a false positive day or night. We worked 18 hours a day. Bear, who died several years later, is remembered with the statue at the U. N. Shields has like so many of the first responders suffered from breathing problems ever since. In New York, Gary Baumgarten Fox News sports world to be paying its respects and its own way today and the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks might be delivered a moment in sports history that proved New York was back after 9 11. And it took deep to left center Andrew Jones on the love This one has a chance Now, 20 years later, it will be a battle of big Apple clubs in the majors as the New York Mets in New York Yankees square off both teams sporting cats today honoring first responders with Bobby Valentine and Joe Tory, who served as Mets and Yankees skippers in 2000 and one throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. Tributes are expected across just about all sports today for the fallen, including the U. S. Open women's final at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York, as well as prior to a NASCAR Xfinity and Cup series doubleheader at Richmond Raceway, not to mention dozens of college football stadiums across the country. MAN Napolitano, Fox News from the Preservation Tree Services. W B A P 24 7 News desk. I've done a smart next update at Eight o'clock 24 7 coverage..

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