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That's right now we're gonna guess young maybe before the end again where we we got a couple of weeks i have made me and get a third third call but i would i would extra coming on that thank you talk nerdy tunisia fluid welcome to another edition of talk nerdy to me i'm seth walder from espn sports athletics team joined by paul save college basketball analytics specialists were in the middle of conference tournaments in and got selection sunday coming up this weekend so we wanted to do just a rapidfire session here of bpi predictions expectations and things that might happen but that most folks might not be expecting so paul let's just dive right in acc tournament is kicking off who is the favourite to win a tournament in who is an under the radar team that might be a contender of virginia obviously is they're going to be the favorite physics on the time bpi sees them winning north carolina though although there are only at the sixty seed in the conference they have a nine percent chance which is right after duke in for virginia most likely how 'bout in the amac the american cincinnati a favorite sixty seven percent and was taught right after them a 21percent a hopefully they me again and give us another great game in the big 12 we seen good competition they are all year long what are you see in their doubt the big 12 going to be a really big competition tcu is the five seeded twelve percent chance to make it obviously kansas you would expect to be the favor at thirty one percent the in between uh kansas and tcu this lots of opportunity for other teams as well yeah tissues one of those teams that i i can already imagine liking in the tournament they've had such a tough road just being in the big 12 and ali until they could be underrated come march what's going on in the big figgis villanova bpi although they are not the top seed in the conference did their the favorite there six seven percent chance a also to win the tournament xavier a seventeen percent chance i'd be surprised if one of those two teams wasn't jan.

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