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Why? All right. So I played on a state championship basketball team in high school. Actually, I use the word played loosely. I sat on the bench, but we had a really good team. Yup. And we only lost three times the whole year like thirty five and three one. But this one of our rival schools Estansia it's in Costa Mesa that sounds fair. When we walked into the gym. Yep. They were playing that. Pat Benetton song hit me with your best shot over and over again. And we're like, okay, we get it, blah, blah, blah, and we lost. And it stuck in my head ever since it was that and another one bites the dust by Queen. Oh, sure they were just tag team in the two. Okay. So here's my here's my pet. Benetton hit me with your best shot story. So when I was program director back in Toledo, Ohio as top forty station. We would do. Call out research. So what you would do. This is crazy that this existed. You would call people and play hooks of songs an answer they lie. You like this? Do you not like this? The best testing song. No matter when we did any research was always Pat Benetton they're going with your best shot. Go. Hey by the for you any further wingstop has provided the show today out. They've cared, Janice. What are these? I'm eating that. They're the ones I like these. Garlic parmesan wings are insane. I can't stop eating them. You should go to wingstop and walk in and say give me the garlic parmesan wings. And they will do the opposite of you. You have lost ten pounds lately. I have I may gain ten pounds eating the garlic parmesan wings from wings, you go. Thank you. Wingstop always like it. When we have you guys in here, by the way, we're giving away fifty dollar gift certificates to wingstop radio show eligible, Greg..

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