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The American translation would be choke. Right. Yeah. But there's there's means and ways of doing like they'd have to go into the final as the as the. Wild favorites. It would have to be taught him versus Schachter. Nets are someone like that. For for them to lose be late in college basketball. If like a mid major, that's not what Tottenham are let's say like, you know, a six seater a five seed get to a national championship game and take on Duke. Do they would you say choke, if they don't win that gaining the guy, and I think what the guy said was on they'll do their usual, which is maybe not he maybe didn't use the term bottle. But he said lose in a final. I'm like they've never been to Champions League. Final before. Let's see speaking of Chelsea. I did mention they drew with Burnley those actually a phone game or fun first half. Yeah. A fun. I twenty five minutes or so Jeffrey, Jeff Hendrick. He lows a volley. God you only score Vanni. It was honestly it was really incredible. Now, I guess my big in looking at all the top for games. My big observation kind of comes out of that one. We're talking about you know, what Brighton set out to do against Spurs will debit. Louise, I guess felt similarly. In what Burnley's did against Chelsea? He said this. We tried everything to win the game. But it's difficult playing team who has to chances score two goals, but didn't wanna play the game for me the authority on the pitch as the referee. When he's not there to try to check what he has to do on the pitch. It's difficult. They were trying to time ways from the first minute of the of the first half. And then it was antifa football. So it's difficult to play against. Well, there's not there's no such thing as onto until.

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