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Thanks nooks Wednesday morning and a chance to visit with Brian Walden of the car donation dot com he covers covers the minor leagues day in and day out three hundred sixty five days a year literally three hundred sixty five days a year major league news minor league news but all cardinals all the time. Brian Good morning to you. How are you and you know you've been around the game a long time and watching this game a long time you you ever seen anything like the four games at at Wrigley field that we just witnessed over the weekend was baseball at its best. I mean you didn't have to cardinal's fan or a cubs fan just to be a fan of baseball to see the the the momentum swings and the excitement it was just an obviously to come out as well as it did for the cardinals. You know probably exceeded everyone's expectations and you. That'll be what this season is remembered for clearly that series absolutely and well. Let's get into postseason play and see what it might be remembered for two but this would be the one that probably he puts him in to postseason play We know that they're in the playoffs and we'll see if they can wrap up a division here. there were some news made yesterday with the removal and dismissal dismissal of the minor league coordinator for hitting your thoughts on that. I'm listening Dan. George Greg is most folks. No probably heard the first one he was part of the tool interim hitting coaches that were brought up last July John. Maybe was fired and of course Marc mark asked what was the other and he remained with a major league club as assistant under new hitting coach. Jeff Albert and Kelly was dismissed midseason and there was a lot of talk talk of the differences in approach and the organization wanting to speak with with more of a singular voice and from the early appearances. It seems that greer's departure sure is another step in that you know getting all the hitting coach coaches in the organization under one philosophy that being that philosophy of Jeff Albert you know it's it's funny to in talking with John Moselle Lock in some of the others they are always asked about all the strikeouts in the cardinals actually are okay. I mean they strike out a bunch but everybody is streaky out a ton and Major League baseball in the idea's been put a premium on putting the ball in play. That's Jeff Albert in its simplest form arm but really this is. This is baseball in two thousand nineteen and beyond. It looks like you're going to have to deal with a ton of strikeouts. They it'd be interesting to kind of philosophy. That's passed down from Jeff through the minor leagues and see what they can do from there back and read a little more about yes becker on one of the things I had forgotten wars voice got a he's a certified strength and conditioning specialist and has a master's in exercise science so you know he's really into understanding ending the differences in the players bodies and their approaches and realizing that hey not everybody is necessarily going to have the same strength it sounds you're trying to couple what the numbers say with what the players body tells him is an important part of his approach so replacing. George Career Career Russ Steinhorn does have relationship with Jeff Albert in Houston Organization. What do we know about Russ thirty thirty four years old quite a contrast to the seventy four year seventy two year old career he spent five years in Houston System Restaurant Horn three years hitting coach in the New York Penn League in the year each managing in the Dominican Summer League and in the Midwest Week and then he went to Clemson University and handled their player development cut and spent the two thousand nineteen season as the assistant hitting coordinator phillies system so rescue young guy obviously has his work with Jeff Albert during their time in Houston and now only has a bachelor's degree but also a master so again a student of the game and we'll get to know a lot what about wrestling orange as two thousand glut he begins with instructional camp down in Jupiter. Probably January Brian Gimme an idea of what a minor league hitting coordinator is going to do what what is his summer like generally speaking you're roving around to the various minor early affiliates think of him as the supervisor of all the hitting coaches certainly the hitting coach at any particular minor league clubs is working closely with the manager and the pitching coach the the younger coach the fourth coach but in order to coordinate hitting instruction across the organization. That's really what the coordinator does so. He makes sure that all they hitting coaches are are feel firing in a similar manner any also of course comes in and works with players himself so you know it's not just a a the job where they don't have responsibility for teaching as well and I'm I'm guessing that's one of the things that appeals to to restaurant in order to continue to work directly with young players. It is interesting you you go with a young guy as opposed to a seventy two year old. The game does change and I'm not saying that George was outdated at all That's not my point but it is a difference.

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