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Seven seven forty six it's the KOMO morning. News Frank Lindsay is at the editor's desk with Gregg Hersholt I'm MandA factor John McCain lost his. Battle with. Cancer Saturday. Last October he talked about the impact of his diagnosis on ABC's the view it does make you. Appreciate it every minute of. Every. Hour of every day we should also thank. God. For every minute Because we're. Blessed brush to be on the raiders nation on earth ABC news political analyst. Steve Roberts is with us good morning Steve Just your thoughts on. Senator John, McCain Somebody, using that word maverick described John. McCain and I think that's a misnomer the word I would use this patriot Joining forces shaping experiences in. John McCain's young life politics at all The military Grandson is, admirals US, naval academy Five. And a half years of krizner one day at Phnom Politics late in life really You was. A loyalty to the country I not to a political party and reminded me really of the generation that came to congress after World War, Two Who is together together and they could. Work together across party lines because the. Understood that loyalty to the country was far more important than loyalty to any political party and McCain live that way He worked very closely Conservative Republicans but he was very closely. With Democrats on issues Ted Kennedy on immigration reform. Hillary Clinton John Kerry sponsor of, finance reform was. Feingold Wisconsin one of the most liberal, members the US. Senate so he was not only a, patriot but he was he was a professional legislator Really separated himself from the, party of Donald. Trump tomorrow you're is a Arizona's to replace Jeff flake the other Republican Senator from Arizona all free people running in. The primary are separating themselves from John McCain and not identifying with McCain they're separating himself, because he has had such a few Donald Trump and yet in Washington the democratic leader of. The Senate such Zuma has proposed remaining an office building for John McCain so think about that In washington Celebrated by, Democrats Arizona his, home state he's being disdained by fellow Republicans tells you a lot about his place in today's Republican party What also tells you is some of the decisions he made about his own funeral before he died George W Bush who defeated him for the GOP nomination and. Barack. Obama who defeated him for president in two thousand eight or two of the people that John McCain chose to deliver his eulogies yes, and one of, the third Lord of that analysis is that the person he chose, to not live, with a eulogy was Donald Trump and in fact there's no doubt that the two men lows Donald trump As possible statement. Of condolence now there was a In the Washington Post this morning. His aides it anymore Fulsome and laudatory statement which he used to issue he did lower the flag. To half staff for one day at the White House, he tradition is you keep those. Slack could have staff, sue the burial and funeral services and yet this morning back at school staff in the White House tells you how deep and how angry the Fisher was, between Donald Trump and John McCain max booed, is a conservative Republican columnist Washington. Post once worked for, he wrote this line this morning Trump hated McCain and insulted him at every turn because McCain was everything Trump is not It's a very important. Insight into the I wish we, had more, time thanks, Steve ABC news, political analyst Steve Roberts KOMO news time seven fifty and our propel insurance, money update the nation's top governmental official overseeing the one and a half. Trillion. Dollar student loan market is resigning citing what he says is the White House is. Open hostility towards protecting student loan borrowers Seth Froman will be stepping down from his position student loan. Ombudsman by the end of the week he's been in that position since. Two thousand sixteen and his resignation letter he called up Mick Mulvaney specifically who's President Trump's. Acting director of the bureau under Mulvaney the bureau has stepped back its enforcement of student loans. And other financial services stocks are higher the. Dow up two hundred eight right now S. and p..

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